SPACED INVADERS - Original Soundtrack by David Russo



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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the world premiere release of the original motion picture soundtrack for SPACED INVADERS, featuring music composed and conducted by David E. Russo (NIKITA, PENNYWORTH, GOTHAM) for the 1990 science fiction comedy directed by Patrick Read Johnson (BABY’S DAY OUT, ANGUS), written by Patrick Read Johnson and Scott Lawrence Alexander, starring Douglas Barr, Royal Dano, Ariana Richards, J.J. Anderson, Gregg Berger, Wayne Alexander, Fred Applegate, Patrika Darbo, Tonya Williams, Ryan Todd, along with the vocal talent of Jeff Winkless, Bruce Lanoil, Joe Alaskey, Tony Pope, Kirk R. Thatcher and Patrick Read Johnson

Released in 1990, SPACED INVADERS finds the Imperial Atomic Space Navy of Mars fighting valiantly for survival against their arch enemy, the Arcturans. A civilian asteroid patrol ship intercepts a distress signal from the fleet followed by a terrestrial broadcast of Orson Welles’ 1938 radio drama THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. Mistaking the transmission for news of a full-scale Martian invasion, the klutzy crew of X59YPQ zooms toward Earth to join the jamboree. Their spacecraft crash-lands in a small mid-western town called Big Bean, Illinois, where five green antenna-squirming Martians with jumbo-sized heads (and egos) proceed with their plans to “kick some Earthling butt!” With Martian pilot Blaznee remaining behind to guard his busted space vessel, Captain Bipto, Giggywig, Pez, and Dr. Ziplock recklessly roam the sleepy streets of Big Bean on Halloween night wreaking havoc and hijinks with the local sheriff’s eleven-year old daughter Kathy and her new best friend Brian in tow.

The music for SPACED INVADERS was penned by Los Angeles-native composer, producer, and songwriter David E. Russo. Russo built his reputation collaborating with an array of celebrated recording artists including Rage Against the Machine, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Sheryl Crowe, Tom Morello, Crowded House, Dave Navarro, and Stevie Nicks. Russo has also contributed original music and synth programming services to more than one-hundred and fifty films and television shows including GOTHAM, PENNYWORTH, NIKITA, DARK BLUE, GRINDHOUSE, FREDDY VS. JASON as well as producing music for commercial juggernauts including Adidas, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Motorola.

Russo’s rousing score for SPACED INVADERS is a campy throwback to slapstick comedies where a layer of subversion within the music elevates the comedy through the art of humorous imitation. Always the crafty inventor, Russo utilizes “out-of-this-world” sounds to concoct a Martian aural palette that could have originated from an extraterrestrial radio station. To contrast the halfwitted, bumbling, and vulgar personalities of the Martian crew, Russo weaves in nostalgic Americana to characterize the warm-hearted small-town environment of Big Bean. SPACED INVADERS was one of Russo’s first projects and marked the first time he collaborated with director Patrick Read Johnson. The pair would reunite on ANGUS and 5-25-77.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents SPACED INVADERS, featuring music composed and conducted by David E. Russo, appearing for the very first time on compact disc. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and the liner notes have been written by Brian Satterwhite.

SPACED INVADERS is a limited edition release of 500 units. SPACED INVADERS is expected to begin shipping the week of September 18th, 2023.

01. Main Title/The Fleet (2:56)
02. Welcome To Big Bean/Crazy Old Wrenchmuller/Property Dispute/The Arcturus System (3:18)
03. Family Picture/War Of The Worlds/Somewhere Near Mars (2:35)
04. Dropping Off Kathy/First Speeding Ticket/Wrenchmuller’s Lament/Speed Violation/The Landing/Termites (2:49)
05. A Real Mission/Bad Idea/Work To Do/Scout Robot (3:17)
06. Kathy Alone/Kathy’s New Friend (1:16)
07. Honey Darlin’ (1:50)
08. Prepare to Die/Robot Slave/Attack Vehicle (3:28)
09. Martian Bebop (1:11)
10. WrenchmullerOn The Move/You Wanna Bet/Investigating The Ship/Kathy Hides/Dr. Ziplock (3:34)
11. The Martians HaveLanded/Let’s Get ‘Em/Evading Townfolk (3:55)
12. War Of The Worlds/Yikes/The Launch (3:58)
13. Robot Attack/Vendroid Arrives/Wrenchmuller Missing/Martians Emerge (4:42)
14. No Place Like Home/Farmzoid (2:52)
15. Big Toy Robot (3:39)
16. 12 Minutes Until The End Of The World/Verndroid Away (1:35)
17. Saving The Martians (5:17)
18. Time To Go/Jim The Dog and Finale (5:10)
19. Takin’ Over The World* (3:22)
20. Bow Down Before The Civilian/Asteroid Patrol (1:34)
21. Hello Big Bean (0:29)
Total Time: 63:41
* - Written, Produced and Performed by
David E. Russo, Kirk R. Thatcher, Michael McClure and David Friendly