REBEL IN THE RYE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Bear McCreary

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"Rebel in the Rye - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (19 tracks; 52 min.) opens with the quiet yet gorgeous piano-fronted "Innocence (Theme of Rebel in the Rye)" "Early Writing" finds the orchestra is full display, check out the outstanding string section. We then get a couple of big band/jazz tunes (playing when Salinger is out on the town): "Giving the Time" and "Sewing Your Wild Oats", in which McCreary captures the Glenn Miller-reminding atmosphere just perfectly. "A True Writer" plays exuberantly when Salinger's first piece is published (by Story). The all too short "Impending War" is, as one might expect, exactly the opposite: dark and ominous. "Inspiration At War" is at 5 min. the longest piece and coincidentally perhaps my favorite piece, as the orchestra sounds warm and lush, accentuated by the flute. "Coming Through the Rye" is another jazz tune (and features singer Yara Yarbrough). The album closes with "Rebel in the Rye End Credits", and revisits several of the musical themes we have heard earlier in the score. Bottom line: if you like rich orchestral movie scores, you could do a lot worse than this one.
2 Early Writing 2:39
3 Giving The Time 2:47
Composed By – Jeffrey Hoeppner*
5 A True Writer 3:04
7 Impending War 1:27
8 Celebration At The Stork Club 0:45
Featuring, Drums – Tony Austin 
10 Simply Grand 1:08
11 Inspiration At War 4:52
12 Wartime Anxiety 4:43
13 Bananafish 2:41
14 Writing Catcher 1:22
15 Coming Through The Rye  1:19
Featuring, Vocals – Raya Yarbrough
17 A Request From Whit 1:48
18 He Was Writing 4:16
19 Rebel In The Rye End Credits 2:20