DA VINCI'S DEMONS - Season Three: Original Soundtrack by Bear McCreary

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Composer Bear McCreary’s score for the third and final season of Da Vinci’s Demons strikes a compelling balance between modern and ancient instrumentation. Blending Renaissance tones of the viola da gamba, lutes, and Celtic harp with a contemporary orchestral style, subtly-layered modern synth sounds, and heavy percussion, McCreary’s score weaves the essential themes of the series into an immensely satisfying musical finale.
2 Invasion Of Otranto 6:14
3 The Enlightened 7:19
5 Modus Operandi 2:18
6 Living The Dream 4:23
7 Banished 4:03
9 Death Beneath The Horns 3:13
10 The Tank Yard 10:29
12 A New Pope 2:45
14 People Of Accomplishment 5:22
15 Da Vinci's Demons Main Title (Season Three) 1:25