GOLIATH AWAITS - Music from the Mini-Series by George Duning

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the music from the Mini-Series GOLIATH AWAITS, featuring music composed by George Duning (PICNIC, 3:10 TO YUMA, THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG) for the 1981 television mini-series directed by Kevin Connor (THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, ARABIAN ADVENTURE, GREAT EXPECTATIONS), written by Hugh Benson, Richard M. Bluel and Pat Fielder, starring Mark Harmon, Robert Forster, Alex Cord, Christopher Lee, Frank Gorshin, Eddie Albert, John Carradine, Jean Marsh, John McIntire, Jeanette Nolan, Duncan Regehr, George Innes and Emma Samms.

Originally broadcast in November, 1981 in two parts, GOLIATH AWAITS tells the tale of the RMS GOLIATH sunk by a German U-Boat at the outset of World War II. Forty years later, the wreckage of the British ocean liner is located intact off the coast of England by an American oceanographer named Peter Cabot (Harmon). To his shock and disbelief, Cabot discovers three-hundred and thirty-seven survivors and their descendants living in an air bubble deep within the ship’s wreckage.

Born in Indiana in 1908, George Duning was an American composer known for his prolific contributions to film and television music throughout the mid-20th century. Educated at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music studying composition under Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Duning began his professional music career as an arranger for various dance bands throughout region. Duning eventually relocated to Hollywood in the 1930s finding work as a staff composer and arranger for music departments at major studios. George Duning passed away on February 27, 2000. The composer left behind a veritable treasure trove of rich and powerful music that remains largely unreleased.

Duning’s career spanned over four decades composing scores for movies and television series including FROM HERE TO ETERNITY, THE MAN FROM LARAMIE, PICNIC , THE EDDY DUCHIN STORY, 3:10 TO YUMA, BELL BOOK AND CANDLE and episodes of THE BIG VALLEY, STAR TREK, MANNIX, THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY, and THE MAGICAL WORLD OF DISNEY. One of the last scores Duning composed was for GOLIATH AWAITS.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the world premiere compact disc release of GOLIATH AWAITS, featuring music composed by George Duning, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. The booklet contains liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite. GOLIATH AWAITS is presented as a disc-on-demand release.

01. In The Crosshairs / Germans Torpedo The Goliath (2:09)
02. Main Titles (3:07)
03. The First Submersible Dive / Peter Sees A Face In The Window (4:59)
04. The Second Submersible Dive / Morse Code Communication (4:08)
05. Divers Enter The Goliath / Divers Are Shot (3:06)
06. The Third Submersible Dive / Peter’s Team Enters The Goliath (3:45)
07. Peter Sees Lea (Love Theme) / The Bow People Attack (2:21)
08. The Scotch Boilers / The Pouch Was Lost in The Sinking / Freeing Ryker (4:26)
09. The Hydroponic Garden / Palmer’s Disease Wesker Kills Maria / End Of Part One (4:46)
10. Bumpers (0:14)
11. Wesker Interrupts / Consoling Lea / The Kiss / Describing The Sun To Lea (4:34)
12. Bow People Attack Again / Innoculation Reactions / Dead Divers (4:00)
13. Doc Is Suspicious / McKenzie Has The Pouch / Rejected Offer (4:00)
14. Nothing For Me Up There / Lea Decides To Remain On Board (2:29)
15. The Rescue Operation Begins / Suiting Up (4:05)
16. Another Attack / Wesker Is Shot / Wesker’s Last Words (5:11)
17. First Submersible Surfaces / Peter Finds Lea / Doc Wants To Stay (3:54)
18. Jeff Waits / Peter And Lea Suit Up / McKenzie’s Solitude (4:34)
19. Ryker Helps Save Lea / Last Submersible Rises / End Credits (4:22)

Total Time: 70:57


Goliath Awaits (1981) *** 1/2
Dragon’s Domain DDR617
19 tracks - 70:07
Goliath Awaits (1981) is a two-part miniseries about a luxury liner sunk during WWII. Years later, a group of divers discover not only the vessel, but also that there were survivors who have created their own society under the sea. The Kevin Connor-directed project features a host of acting stalwarts from the era, including Eddie Albert, Christopher Lee, John Carradine and a young Mark Harmon. The score comes from the prolific and underrated George Duning (1908-2000), who crafted many a fine score during a four-decade career highlighted by 1955’s Picnic. For fans of Duning’s music, this album will be a welcome find, as it represents one of his last scores and is filled with solid, dramatic writing.

After an intense opening cue to underscore the sinking of the Goliath (“In the Crosshairs”), a strong “Main Title” theme provides a bit of flair. Duning then ramps up the tension as we head into the first contact music, with twisting wind lines and big brass punctuations. Later on, “The Bough People Attack” is a standout action cue that counters a winding love theme.

The score’s thematic ideas often collide with pulsing, rolling harmonies, while there is a lot of coloristic writing as well, often highlighting the winds. Some of the material seems to depict waves or ripples of sound that effectively allude to the film’s setting. Also key to the palette is the integration of synthesizer elements, demonstrating Duning’s continued exploration of new sounds to set against his generally traditional scoring approach.

This world premiere release of Goliath Awaits offers a fine example of Duning’s style. For additional information and audio samples, head to BuySoundtrax’s website. —Steven A. Kennedy

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