DOCTOR WHO 1996: TV Movie soundtrack by John Debney



He’s back! And it’s about time. Super Tracks Music presents the original soundtrack recording to DOCTOR WHO: THE MOVIE, the 1996 television movie directed by Geoffrey Sax, starring Paul McGann as the Eighth incarnation of The Doctor, along with Eric Roberts as the villainous Master and Daphne Ashbrook as the Doctor’s companion, Dr. Grace Holloway, featuring music composed by John Debney, with additional music composed by John Sponsler and Louis Febre. While transporting the remains of the Master, an evil time lord, the 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) suffers a Tardis malfunction and ends up in San Francisco in 1999. The Master escapes and assumes a bodily form and the Doctor is reincarnated as #8. With the help of an attractive heart surgeon, he must locate and defeat the Master before the deadline at the turn of the millennium, at midnight, December 31st. DOCTOR WHO: THE MOVIE was intended to introduce a mainstream US audience to the science fiction phenomenon of DOCTOR WHO. The exciting music for DOCTOR WHO: THE MOVIE is orchestral with some synthetic elements.

John Debney is one of Hollywood's most sought after composers. His unique ability to create memorable work across a variety of genres, as well as his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, has made him the first choice of top-level producers and directors. Debney combines his classical training with a strong knowledge of contemporary sounds to adapt to any assignment. Debney received critical acclaim in 2004 for his score to Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, one of the top ten box office grossing films of all time. He has had a distinguished career in film and television, providing the music for projects such as SEAQUEST DSV, CUTTHROAT ISLAND, THE RELIC, SPY KIDS, THE PRINCESS DIARIES, BRUCE ALMIGHTY, ELF, SIN CITY and, most recently, CHICKEN LITTLE, DREAMER, DUMA and ZATHURA.



John Sponsler

1. Prologue/*Doctor Who Theme (1:38)
2. Breakout (2:39)
3. Wimps/Doctor #7 Is Shot (1:44)
4. Aftermath (1:09)
5. X-Ray/Snake In The Bathroom (1:28)
6. "Who Am I?" (1:58)
7. City Scape (1:07)
8. Time (0:58)
9. Primitive Wiring/The UnBruce (1:40)
10. Two Hearts (1:15)
11. The Tardis/True Identity (2:16)
12. Night Walk (1:48)
13. The Eye Of Harmony/Half Human (4:39)
14. Until Midnight/Atomic Clock (2:03)
15. Green Eyes (0:48)
16. The Chase (2:23)
17. Beryllium Clock/Bragg's Key (1:16)
18. Slimed (2:08)
19. Under The Influence (0:50)
20. Crown Of Nails (1:16)
21. Lee's Last Chance (2:11)
22. "Open The Eye!(2:29)
23. "Reroute Power!"/Temporal Orbit (6:20)
24. To Hold Death Back (1:48)
25. Farewell (1:38)
26. End Credits: *'Doctor Who' Theme (0:50)