MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE THEN AND NOW - Original Television Soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin and John E. Davis



GNPD 8029

Buysoundtrax.com presents the classic original soundtrack, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: THEN AND NOW featuring selections from the original series by Lalo Schifrin and the 1988 reboot featuring music by John E. Davis. 

1. Mission: Impossible - Main Title
2. Suite from The Contender
3. Suite from Submarine
4. Suite from The Killer
5. Suite from Takeover
6. Suite from Underground
7. Mission: Impossible - End Credit
8. Mission: Impossible ''88 - Main Title
9. Suite from The Plague
10. Suite from The Bayou
11. Suite from The Cattle King
12. Suite from Deadly Harvest
13. Suite from Church Bells in Bogota
14. Mission: Impossible '88 - End Credit
15. An Interview with Peter Graves
16. Mission: Impossible Live from Israel