THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES - Original Soundtrack by Stanley Myers

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The Airstrip One Company & is pleased to announce the world premiere release of Stanley Myers' score for the 1980 television mini-series of "Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles."

This world premiere CD release is produced under license from MGM and with the participation. of the Royal College of Music and the estate of the late composer.

For more than 20 years Hollywood had tried and failed to film Ray Bradbury's novel, until the success of "Star Wars" in the late 1970s spurred veteran producer Charles Fries and director Michael Anderson ("Logan's Run") to mount a three-part, six-hour mini-series for NBC. Genre favorite Richard Matheson adapted Bradbury's work with the author's approval, and an international cast included Rock Hudson, Fritz Weaver, Darren McGavin, Roddy McDowall, Bernadette Peters and Barry Morse.

Composer Stanley Myers was at the height of his career - and just nominated for an Academy Award for "The Deer Hunter" - when he was chosen to score "The Martian Chronicles." In his score for this film, Myers augments a standard symphony orchestra with electric keyboards and guitar, and a variety of ancient wood flutes to represent the aliens and their culture.

The 65 minute CD features music from all three parts of the epic science fiction drama. A 24 page full-color booklet accompanies the album and includes dozens of photos (most never-before-seen), an international poster gallery, pre-production sketches, storyboards, sheet music, an in-depth analysis of the making of the mini-series and its music, interviews with screenwriter Richard Matheson, producers Charles Fries and Dick Berg, designer Assheton Gorton, original articles by director Michael Anderson, actor Bernie Casey and author Ray Bradbury, and a special tribute to Stanley Myers written by Hans Zimmer.


2. The Martian Chronicles Theme


4. Ylla's Dream
5. Mask Of Conflict
6. Mr. K Returns
7. Concern For The Future
8. Mrs. Black's Piano
9. Realization
11. Col. Wilder's Promise
12. Spender's Anger/One Of Our Own 
13. Martian City
14. Hunting Spender
15. Spender Killed/Is This How It Will Be?


16. The Silver Locusts
17. Lustig's Visitor
18. Return To The Dead City
19. David Is Confused
20. Chase In First Town
21. Father Peregrine's Vision
22. Col. Wilder's Thoughts/Rumors Of War 
23. The Martian Appears
25. Dead Earth


26. Final Contact
27. Hatheway's Last Chance
28. Lights In The Sky
29. Ben And Genevieve
30. Never Give Up Hope
31. Hatheway Dies
32. Martian Highway
33. Memories
34. Placing The Explosives/Canal Journey 
35. Setting Up Camp
36. The Million-Year Picnic
37. End Titles