2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS - Original Soundtrack (W/Free Digital Download/Digital booklet)



BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams, featuring music composed by Patrick Copeland and a host of artists for the 2010 horror film written and directed by Tim Sullivan and starring Bill Moseley (Night of the Living Dead, House of 1000 Corpses), Lin Shaye (“Snakes on a Plane”), Kevin "ohgr" Ogilivie (“Repo! The Genetic Opera”), Christa Campbell (“Day of the Dead”), Ahmed Best (“Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”), Trevor Wright (“Shelter”) and telenovela vixen Andrea Leon (“Hood of Horror”). According to Sullivan and producer Christopher Tuffin, it is as much a wild re-imagining of the preceding films as a sequel to them. Their intention was to raise the stakes beyond the ordinary glut of by-the-numbers horror releases to create a smart, genre-defying feature that pushes every limit to the extreme. Tuffin compares “Maniacs” to an episode of “South Park” or “The Simpsons” in the sense that “Maniacs” is nothing less than a carnival house mirror held up to American culture. 

The soundtrack features songs provided by fans of the franchise found on Myspace and Facebook, as well as the film’s star Bill Moseley providing the end-title track, with original music by Patrick Copeland (Hood of Horror).BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS, featuring music composed by Patrick Copeland. 2001 MANIACS: FIELD OF SCREAMS is a limited edition release of 1000 units.

1. SOUND BITE : “I remember that day…” (1:10)
Bill Moseley 
2. The South’s Gonna Rise Again (2:19)
Written by Herschell Gordon Lewis
Performed by Ahmed Best & Clifford Allen Wagner
3. SOUND BITE: “What time Is It?” (0:11)
Bill Moseley/Amanda Tuffin 
4. Rot in Hell (0:20)
Lyrics by Chris Kobin & Tim Sullivan 
Music by Clifford Allen Wagner 
Performed by Ahmed Best & Clifford Allen Wagner
5. SOUND BITE: “If The North Won’t Come To The South…” (0:09)
Lin Shaye/Bill Moseley 
6. Killers On The Highway (2:59)
Written and Performed by Clifford Allen Wagner
7. SOUND BITE: Road Rascals Promo (0:15)
Tim Sullivan/Katy Johnson/Asa Hope
8. Nottie Hottie (3:54)
Written and Performed by Me and My Friends 
(featuring Elizabeth Couchon)
9. SOUND BITE: “Excuse Me!” (0:15)
Andrea Leon 
10. All Up In My Candy (3:16)
Written and Performed by Sean Avolio
11. SOUND BITE: “Tinkle Time!” (0:18)
Katy Johnson/Asa Hope/Bill Moseley
12. Hey, Hey, Howdy, Howdy, Hey (0:16)
Lyrics by Tim Sullivan & Chris Kobin 
Music by Clifford Allen Wagner 
Performed by Ahmed Best & Clifford Allen Wagner
13. SOUND BITE: “Why, That’s My Pooch Box!” (0:25)
Trevor Wright/Nicole Rae/Jordan Yale Levine/
Kevin ‘Ogre’ Ogilvie/Lin Shaye
14. Fun, Games and Feastin’ (0:15)
Lyrics by Tim Sullivan & Chris Kobin 
Music by Clifford Allen Wagner 
Performed by Ahmed Best & Clifford Allen Wagner
15. SOUND BITE: “I would love to get killed in a horror flick”(0:09)
Alana Curry/Alex Luria 
16. All Fall Down (3:39)
Written and Performed by Shawn Mars
©2009 Raygun Unlimited ASCAP
17. SOUND BITE - “One Helluva Nighttime Buddy” (0:21)
Lin Shaye
18. S.L.M. (Suicide Love Machine) (2:58)
Written and Performed by Sweet Cyanide
From the album “Sweet Cyanide”/Breakdown Lane Music 2009
19. SOUND BITE: “You Can Crack Corn On That”(0:37)
Kevin ‘Ogre’ Ogilvie/Alex Luria/Christa Campbell
20. Redneck Zombies (3:40)
Written by Jimmy Psycho 
Performed by Psycho Charger
©2005 “House of the Psycho” ASCAP
21. SOUND BITE: “Whatever you like I do for you!” (0:14)
Kathryn Le/Jordan Yale Levine
22. “FaceBook SuperStar” (3:38)
Written by Dan Studney and K.L. 
Performed by Kyle Justin (featuring KingQueen)
23. SOUND BITE: “Dang, Oprah!”(0:26)
LaRayia Gaston/Alex Luria/Ryan Fleming
24. “Go Zombie”(3:46)
Written and Performed by Zombie Girl
25. SOUND BITE: “Why are we doing this?”(0:15)
Katy Johnson/Andrea Leon 
26. Do You Wanna Be My Girlfriend? (2:59)
Written by Brett Rosenberg (SOCAN) 
and Deanna DellaCioppa
Performed by Deanna DellaCioppa
27. SOUND BITE: “Whoa, Horsie. I Ain’t Queer Like That!” (0:49) 
Christopher McDaniel/Trevor Wright
28. Cannibals (1:25)
Lyrics by Emma Kobin, Maxine Kobin & Tim Sullivan 
Music by Patrick Copeland
Performed by Lin Shaye, Christa Campbell, Kathryn Le, 
Nicole Rae & Patrick Copeland
29. SOUND BITE: “My Mighty Sword!”(0:31)
Bill Moseley/Lin Shaye 
30. Somebody To Fuck (2:32)
Written by Justin Manning
Performed by The United Snakes
31. SOUND BITE: “You Stupid Ass White Mutherfuckers!” (0:43)
LaRayia Gaston/Adam Robitel/Christopher McDaniel/
Kevin ‘ogre’ Ogilvie/Bill Moseley 
32. Building From The Ground Up (0:56)
Lyrics by Tim Sullivan 
Music by Clifford Allen Wagner 
Performed by Ahmed Best & Clifford Allen Wagner
33. SOUND BITE: “Damn Yankees” (0:33) 
Katy Johnson/Asa Hope/Ryan Fleming 
34. Scream Queen (2:36)
Written by Justin Manning
Performed by The United Snakes
35. SOUND BITE: “Come On Down!”(0:45)
Christopher McDaniel/Bill Moseley/Miles Dougal/Ryan Fleming
36. Lord Let Me Help You Decide (2:33)
Written by Bill Moseley & Rani Sharone 
Performed by Spider Mountain
Lead Vocals: Bill Moseley 
All Instruments and Backing Vocals: Rani Sharone
Recorded and Mixed by Travis Dickerson 
Produced by Rani Sharone
37. SOUND BITE: “What Is It?”(1:02)
Lin Shaye/Bill Moseley/Kevin ‘Ogre’ Ogilvie)
38. The South Will Rise (Field of Screams) (4:01)
Written by Tim Sullivan and Jimmy Psycho
Performed by Psycho Charger

Score Composed and Performed by 
Patrick Copeland
39. Meet The Maniacs (1:29)
40. Buckman’s Soapbox (0:58)
41. Fun In The Sun / Carving Bristol (2:01)
42. Let’s Play (1:48)
43. Hide And Seek (1:50)
44. Shock Therapy (1:45)
45. Showdown (0:47)
46. Brokeback (2:10)
47. The Gutting (0:56)
48. Sight of Red (1:37)
49. The Final Reckoning (3:18)
50. SOUND BITE: “Suck My Dixie”  (0:05)
Bill Moseley