A TIME TO DIE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Louis Febre



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Buysoundtrax Records presents the original Television Movie soundtrack from A TIME TO DIE starring Traci Lords, Jeff Conaway and Richard Roundtree.  A female photographer teams up with a policeman to try to bring down a corrupt police officer who framed her for drug possession and during her investigation, finds that not everything, or everyone, is what they appear to be.

Louis Febre delivers a superior score.

01. Logos/Rooftop Deal/The Photo (5:05)
02. Rooftop Shootout (2:17)
03. Jackie’s Darkroom (1:18)
04. Jackie Says Goodbye (1:42)
05. Firing Range Date (2:31)
06. Happier Days (2:15)
07. Photo Shoot (1:17)
08. Tailing The Creep (3:42)
09. Alley Confrontation (2:39)
10. Eddie Chases Jackie (1:45)
11. Developing The Photos (3:04)
12. Eddie Breaks In / Eddie Searches The House (3:18)
13. We Had Some Great Times Together (3:00)
14. Jackie Gets Her Gun / The Betrayal (2:48)
15. Bye Frank (4:14)
16. Jackie Reunited with Her Son (1:08)
17. A Time to Die - End Credits (1:51)

Total Time: 44:38

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