ALIEN TRESPASS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Louis Febre

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Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through, presents the original motion picture soundtrack release of ALIEN TRESPASS, featuring music composed by Louis Febre (SWIMFAN, SMALLVILLE, ONCE UPON A TIME) for the 2009 science fiction/horror/comedy film directed by R.W. Goodwin (THE X FILES, THE FUGITIVE, TRU CALLING), starring Erick McCormack, Jenni Baird, Dan Lauria, Robert Patrick, Jody Thompson, Aaron Brooks and Sarah Smyth.

ALIEN TRESPASS is a 2009 science fiction film masquerading as a 1950’s science fiction thriller. It’s not a spoof, homage, or even parody. It very carefully emulates the style of 1950s science fiction cinema, in all its earnestness and inadvertent silliness. The film’s plot follows an alien spaceship crash landing in the Mojave Desert. Its pilot, Urp, is the equivalent of a federal marshal on Earth, who enforces security in the quadrant of space our solar system happens to occupy. He is on assignment to capture a Ghota, a voracious one-eyed creature which is known to divide into numerous replications which can quickly overrun a planet such as ours. During the crash the ravenous Ghota escapes, and Urp is forced to inhabit a human’s body in order to track and capture the Ghota before it is able to divide and spell doom for Earth’s civilization.

The film’s Seattle-based director R. W. Goodwin’s Hollywood pedigree includes serving as co-executive producer, writer, and director for television’s THE X-FILES from 1993 to 1998. While stock library music accompanies the film’s prologue and newsreel footage, composer Louis Febre was brought in to compose an original, very 1950’s style score for the film, replete with soaring Theremin, succulent string passages, expressive brass gestures, and dramatically rolling percussion. The film’s budget would not allow a live orchestra to perform the score, but Febre was quite content to create the music using digital samplers, as he had done with Mark Snow on their previous collaborations. There were two instruments that Febre knew he needed to record live, however. Virtuoso Thereminist Rob Schwimmer was brought in from New York to play the instrument on the score and Febre also contracted cellist Emily Wright to play on the score, particularly for the more romantic/evocative music. While preparing his score, Febre spent time revisiting some ‘50s science fiction films to thoroughly acclimate himself to the essence of ‘50s monster movie music.

Louis Febre began his career with the notorious B-movie company PM Entertainment before meeting his friend and mentor John Debney. The two formed a partnership that would produce successful collaborative efforts such as the movie DOCTOR WHO, and led to Louis' first television series, THE CAPE, which would earn him an Emmy for Best Dramatic Underscore. The two continue to work together to this day. Febre has enjoyed success with the movies SWIMFAN, TOWER OF TERROR (Disney), and a set of SCOOBY-DOO television movies. He earned an Annie Award nomination for his score for SCOOBY-DOO AND THE ALIEN INVADERS. That same year, he won a Pixie Award for the independent short film: REVENGE OF THE RED BALLOON.

In 2001, he could be found collaborating with Steve Jablonsky on the first season of the hit television series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. As an additional orchestrator, he worked again with John Debney on CATS & DOGS, JIMMY NEUTRON, the Disney film CHICKEN LITTLE, DISNEYWORLD TOKYO, and with Mark Snow on THE X-FILES movie. With the departure of Snow from the television series SMALLVILLE, Febre became the credited composer in 2007. Louis Febre continues to work in television and independent films. Most recently, he composed the score for the award winning Colombian film BASTARDS Y DIABLOS.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents ALIEN TRESPASS on compact disc for the first time, featuring music composed by Louis Febre. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and the album includes liner notes written by author Randall Larson.

ALIEN TRESPASS is a limited edition release of 500 units.

01 Rangeland Logo 0:07
02 Feature Presentation/Space Travel/Spaceship Crashes 3:45
03 First Attack/Enter Spaceship/Ted Finds The Ship 5:49
04 More Rocks/Back Up/Not Alone 3:41
05 I Am Ted 2:59
06 Wilson Dies/Hitchhiker/Ghota Hunter 3:36
07 Bubba and Lloyd Die 4:51
08 Kids See Ship/Monster in the House 2:54
09 Check It Out/Vernon Dies 4:56
10 Just a Puddle/I’ll Stay Here 1:55
11 Monster Sighting/Mom and Little Girl 5:13
12 Salt/Blob Score/Urp Shoots Monster 6:40
13 Tammy’s Speech/Exit Spaceman 8:04
14 End Titles 5:54

Total Time: 60:59

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