ATOMIC JOURNEYS/NUKES IN SPACE - Original Soundtrack by William T. Stromberg and John Morgan (Digital Download)



Buysoundtrax Digital presents the original soundtracks to ATOMIC JOURNEYS / NUKES IN SPACE. Renowned composers William Stromberg and John Morgan, along with The Moscow Symphony Orchestra, fashion bold, powerful orchestral scores to the acclaimed, visually-stunning Nuclear-Age documentary films ATOMIC JOURNEYS and NUKES IN SPACE, directed by Peter Kuran (TRINITY AND BEYOND).

In the vein of their masterful work on the Award-Winning film TRINITY AND BEYOND, Stromberg and Morgan create a riveting sonic experience in the style of Bernard Herrmann and Danny Elfman that captures all the awesome, jaw-dropping spectacle of these fascinating films, propelling the listener from atomic explosions at previously secret U.S. test sites to spellbinding test footage of nuclear detonations in outer space!

1. Trinity Revisited 
2. Alamagordo (Mood 2) 
3. Geiger Counter 
4. Atomic Journeys
5. Hiroshima Devastation (Mood 3) 
6. Travel To New Mexico
7. Carlsbad Caverns 
8. Project Plowshare 
9. Nuclear Caverns 
10. Travel to Four Corners
11. Gasbuggy 
12. Pastoral Death 
13. Vela Uniform (Mississippi) 
14. Meanwhile Back In Nevada 
15. Faultless 
16. Travel to Alaska 
17. Alaskan Wasteland (Cannikan) 
18. Back To Las Vegas 
19. Frenchman Flats 
20. Exploding Buildings 
21. Ice Cap
22. Plumes of Destruction
23. Sedan Crater 
24. Civil Defense 
25. Abandoned Structures
26. Nuclear Explosion Montage 
27. Atomic Journeys End 

28. Nukes In Space - Tag 
29. Do Not Adjust Your Television 
30. Do Not Adjust Your Television - Tag
31. Northern Lights
32. Factory Workers 
33. V-2 March
34. Military Buildup 
35. Atomic Pizzicato 
36. Calm Before The Storm (Mood 1) 
37. March Of Destruction 
38. Quiet Intensity (Mood 4) 
39. Eerie Shafts 
40. Space Race 
41. Peaceful Space
Bonus Track
42. Atomic Filmmakers