BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM-Original Soundtrack by Robert J. Kral

La La Land Records




La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics present the original motion picture score to the DC Universe Animated Movie, BATMAN: ASSUALT ON ARKHAM, directed by Jay Oliva and Ethan Spaulding. 

Acclaimed composer Robert J. Kral (GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT, THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT, DUCK DODGERS, ANGEL) returns again to the DC Universe with a dynamite action/thriller score that is the perfect compliment to this action-packed tale, based on the hit video game series, in which Batman infiltrates The Suicide Squad, who have been tasked with killing The Riddler. 

Scored like a contemporary, urban crime thriller by way of the Batman universe, this is a great listen! Produced by Robert J. Kral and MV Gerhard and mastered by James Nelson, this is a special limited edition of 1500 Units features four exclusive tracks not available on the digital download version and liner notes from co-director Jay Oliva. Bat-riffic art design is courtesy of Dan Goldwasser.



Nigma’s Confrontation/It’s Batman 3:11

Criminal Montage 3:06

Task Force Indoctrination 2:42

Dropping Down 2:00

Gearing Up/Beer Room Challenge 1:51

Welcome Back Cowboy!* 1:05

Harley Arrested to Arkham 3:02

Infiltrating Arkham & Joker Assault 5:33

Killer Frost’s Kiss & Black Spider’s Microwave 2:00

Harley Bait & King Shark’s Work 1:28

Suicide Squad in the Big House 3:45

Batman’s Gotham & Property Room Access 2:59

Batman Fights Suicide Squad 2:12

Riddler Proposes a Cure* 1:14

Joker’s Out/Suicide Squad vs. SCU 3:35

Shocking Solution* 2:25

Joker Attacks Batman 1:41

Prisoners Released 2:46

Chopper Fight/Poison Ivy/The Batplane 2:03

Chopper Crash 2:25

Harley’s Rage* 0:57

Final Confrontations 2:08

Batman: Assault on Arkham End Credits 3:05


* album exclusive track