Presenting a new DVD release of BLUE FIRE LADY (1977), a film in the tradition of National Velvet and Black Beauty. Produced by Antony I. Ginnane, directed by Ross Dimsey and starring Cathryn Harrison and Mark Holden.

Jenny Gray (Cathryn Harrison) is a country girl who dreams of becoming a show jumper. But her father (Lloyd Cunnington) is embittered by the death of his wife in a riding accident, and so it's against his wishes that Jenny decides to take a job as stable hand for a gruff racecourse trainer (Peter Cummins).  

Jenny gets board with a kindly Italian landlady Mrs G (Marion Edward) and forms a friendship with a nice fellow boarder, Barry (Mark Holden). In the stables she bonds with Gus (John Wood) but runs up against the nasty Charlie (Gary Waddell), who treats the horses without any respect or love, and takes the same attitude to Jenny. A new horse called Blue Fire Lady is brought into the stables, and Jenny is given the job of calming the flighty, troublesome filly. The owner of the horse (John Ewart) decides that the animal is intractable and puts her up for auction.

With Jenny in love with the horse, and the only person the horse will allow to approach it, she manages to buy it with the unexpected help of her father, prompted by Barry. With the horse now tamed, thanks to Jenny's loving attention, she and her horse are ready to go on and win a major prize at an important gymkhana, and a new life away from the tough world of racing ...

DVD extras include Trailer, Photo Gallery and Spanish Language track.