BUKIMISHA ARE GO!: Exciting Rescue Team Thunderbirds



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Adventure is GO! as Bukimisha unleashes their unique ‘a capella’ stylings to honor legendary British composer Barry Gray and his unforgettable work on the internationally-acclaimed ‘Supermarionation’ TV series THUNDERBIRDS (1964-66). Created and produced by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson, each episode saw the incredible Tracy Family pilot their fabulous Thunderbird machines to rescue people from impossible situations.

This album includes the theme song especially created for the Japanese broadcast and music from the two feature films, THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO and THUNDERBIRD 6. In fact, suite from the second film is based on a medley Barry Gray created for his personal promotional tapes. A special version of the bonus track, “Bukimisha Are Go!” was exclusively created for this release.

For several decades Bukimisha, a self-proclaimed ‘secret society’ (whose name, pronounced “Boo-key-may-sha,” roughly translates as “Creepy Company”) has enthralled Japanese audiences with their amazing ‘a Capella’ vocal stylings. They have transformed their love of film music into a unique art form and built an impressive catalog of over 150 albums, many featuring Akira Ifukube’s vast library of classical compositions and complete film scores. Bukimisha was even given the opportunity to perform before the legendary composer at one of his final birthday celebrations.

BSX Records is proud to once more offer the unique performance art of Bukimisha to movie music fans around the world. This album has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland from the group’s original digital recordings all supervised and approved by Takeo Yahiro & their great mentor, Dr. Bukimi. Exclusive liner notes by author David Hirsch details Barry Gray’s life, career, and the music featured.

This CD set is a limited run of 500 units.

1. THUNDERBIRDS MAIN TITLE (Japanese Version) (1:26)
2. INTERNATIONAL RESCUE TEAM (from the episode “Trapped in the Sky" ) (9:42)
3. PENELOPE’S CLOSE CALL (from the episode “The Perils of Penelope” (4:25)
4. NEW YORK'S HORROR (from the episode “Terror in New York City”) (1:39)
5. THE ACTIVITIES OF THE JET "MOGURA" (from the episode “Pit of Peril”) (2:43)
6. LAUNCH THE No. 4 MISSILE (from the episode “Day of Disaster”) (3:16)
7. ZERO X'S JOURNEY (from the film “Thunderbirds Are Go”) (9:15)
8. THUNDERBIRD 6 Suite (9:19)
9. TRACY ISLAND (3:08)
11. THUNDERBIRDS MAIN TITLE (Original Version) (1:29)
12. THUNDERBIRDS SONG (Full Japanese Version) (2:38)
14. BUKIMISHA ARE GO! (Version 2) (9:37)

Total Time: 62:58