CD Includes Digital Download / Digital Booklet

BSX Records and Bukimisha the Weird Society present another pairing of thrilling Akira Ifukube scores for two alien invasion spectaculars! 

The first one is THE MYSTERIANS (1957), that spectacular effort featuring stunning visual effects presented for the first time in the “Toho Scope” widescreen format. Akira Ifukube’s monumental score features a manic, magnificent battle march as the united citizens of Earth tackle aliens bent on breeding with earth women to replenish their dying race. DOGORA, THE SPACE MONSTER (1964) sees a non-anthropomorphic, jellyfish-like alien gobbling up diamonds as police track down an international group of thieves. The film’s eerie unsettling main theme for the creature was countered throughout by the maestro’s trademark uptempo motifs representing the determination of the Japanese Self Defense Force.

Bukimisha the Weird Secret Society is a self-proclaimed ‘secret society’ (pronounced “Boo-key-may-sha” and roughly translating into “Creepy Company”) and have enthralled Japanese audiences over several decades. They have transformed their love of music into a unique art form, building an impressive catalog currently exceeding 170 albums! Many of these feature selections from Akira Ifukube’s vast output of classical compositions and complete film scores. Bukimisha was even given the opportunity to perform before the legendary composer at one of his final birthday celebrations.

BSX Records is proud to once more offer the distinctive performance art of Bukimisha to movie music fans around the world. This album has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland from the group’s original digital recordings, all supervised and approved by Takeo Yahiro & their great mentor, Dr. Bukimi. Exclusive liner notes by author David Hirsch with Sam Scali, and comments from scholar Erik Homenick (akiraifukube.org) on the music featured.

This CD set is a limited run of 500 units.

It is expected to begin shipping April 05, 2024


  1. Toho Mark/Main Title  (1:35)
  2. The Incident   (3:09)
  3. The Collapse  (1:32)
  4. The Appearance of Mogera  (1:15)
  5. Mogera Attacks  (5:23)
  6. Scientific Lunar Phenomenon (0:32)
  7. Survey Team Heads Off to Mount Fuji  (0:33)
  8. The Mysterian Dome  (0:51)
  9. The First Round of Battle  (5:21)
10. Demand for an International Conference  (0:28)
11. Earth Defense Conference  (0:50)
12. Alpha & Beta  (2:51)
13. Preparing for Attack  (1:13)
14. The Kidnapping   (0:29)
15. Evacuation 120km  (0:48)
16. Markalite Flying Atomic Heat Projector  (2:50)
17. The Mysterians Retaliate  (1:22)
18. Furious Electron Cannon Assault  (1:58)
19. The Mysterians Depart  (0:27)
20. Ending  (1:04)


21. Toho Mark/Artificial Satellite  (0:57)
22. Main Title  (1:30)
23. Radio BGM I  (0:21)
24. Radio BGM II  (0:31)
25. Mysterious Incident at Midnight  (0:22)
26. Luminous Entity from a Safe  (0:54)
27. I ncident at Thermal Power Plant  (1:16)
28. Levitating Coal Truck  (0:40)
29. Appearance of a Luminous Body  (0:56)
30. News Headline  (0:19)
31.  Rain of Stones  (0:48)
32. Iwato Bridge and Dogora  (4:19)
33. Dogora Disappears?  (0:14)
34. Dogora Proliferates  (0:56)
35. Dogora’s Natural Enemy  (1:19)
36. Larval Dogora’s Counterattack  (1:15)
37. Launching of the Air Corps Attack  (5:54)
38. Victory Cry  (0:20)
39. Ending  (0:25)
40. Launching of the Air Corps Attack (alt pitch)  (5:57)   

Total Time: 63:45