FIRE AND ICE - Original Soundtrack Recording by William Kraft



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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the soundtrack for FIRE AND ICE, featuring music composed by William Kraft (AVALANCHE, THE CHISHOLMS) for the 1983 animated fantasy adventure directed by Ralph Bakshi (FRITZ THE CAT, WIZARDS, THE LORD OF THE RINGS), featuring characters created by artist Frank Frazetta, from a script by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway, and featuring the voices of Randy Norton, Cynthia Leake, Steve Sandor, Sean Hannon, William Ostrander and Eileen O’Neill.
Produced during the height of the sword and sorcery craze, FIRE AND ICE takes place in a prehistoric land under siege by an evil queen, Juliana, and her son, Nekron. An ever expanding wall of glacial ice created by Nekron’s dark sorcery is their greatest weapon, smashing down the defenses of their opponents in the southern lands, which is quickly followed by their invading army of subhuman men who stomp out all resistance and capture whoever is left standing. Into this conflict is thrust the young warrior, Larn, who barely survives his first encounter with the subhumans. In a neighboring kingdom ruled by the kindly king, Jarol, a sinister plot unfolds as Nekron sends envoys to distract Jarol long enough to abduct his daughter, the beautiful princess, Teegra. Not to be underestimated, Teegra is able to escape from the subhumans on the road back to Nekron and she crosses paths with Larn. As they get to know each other and their feelings grow stronger, Teegra is recaptured by the subhumans during a crucial moment where Larn is occupied by the attentions of a giant octopus. Passing out from exhaustion. Larn awakens to find himself bound. Concerned he has been recaptured by the subhumans, Larn is relieved to discover that his captor is actually the lone warrior, Darkwolf, who only bound him to prevent him from opening up his wounds. Larn agrees to an alliance with Darkwolf, who has his own personal reasons for fighting and they form an alliance, agreeing to fight together against Nekron and Juliana and rescue Teegra. But can they reach her in time to prevent whatever cruel fate Nekron has in mind for her? Can Nekron’s dark reign be ended before the land is covered with glacial ice and there are no free men left to resist?
BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the worldwide soundtrack release of FIRE AND ICE in time for the 30th anniversary of the film’s release, featuring music composed and conducted by William Kraft. FIRE AND ICE  was produced using the master elements in the composer’s archive, mastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland featuring liner notes by author Randall Larson, including new comments from the composer on the creation of this fantastic score.
FIRE AND ICE is a limited edition release of 2000 units.
1. Main Title/Prologue/The Subhumans Appear/Nekron 7:01 
2. Spoils Of War/On The Run 5:28]
3. Meet Teegra 1:07
4. Teegra Is Abducted 2:44 
5. Escape From The Subhumans 4:09
6. Lunch Is Served 1:14
7. Teegra Kills 1:29
8. Wolves/Dinner Guest 4:30
9. Larn And Teegra 2:42
10. Cephalopod Attack 1:11
11. Darkwolf 00:46
12. Botched Rescue 4:30 
13. Roleil/Darkwolf's Stand 3:29
14. Thoughts Of Teegra 2:57
15. Roleil's Deal/Larn In Pursuit 2:43
16. Nekron's Madness 3:19 
17. Nekron's Power 1:25 
18. Larn Versus Nekron 2:31
19. Larn Escapes/Darkwolf Appears 2:38 
20. Flight Of The Dragonhawks/The End Of Nekron/Reunited10:00 
21. Fire And Ice End Title 3:35