GHOST STORIES: Classic Film and TV Themes Vol. 1



Includes Digital Booklet

BSX Records presents a new Disc-On-Demand edition of GHOST STORIES: CLASSIC FILMS AND TV THEMES VOL. 1. This compilation includes music from THE RING, POLTERGEIST, GHOST STORY, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, THE SHINING, GHOST, THE CHANGELING and more.

GHOST STORIES: CLASSIC FILMS AND TV THEMES VOL. 1 features new recordings of exciting music composed by Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, Alex North, Phillipe Sarde, Lalo Schifrin, Morton Stevens, Louis Febre, James Horner plus original recordings by Howard Blake, Ken Wannberg and Gene Moore.

BSX is proud to offer this title as a disc-on-demand (CDR) release.

1.) Main Theme (From "The Ring”) (feat. Meridian Studio Ensemble) 7:47
2.) Carol Anne’s Theme (From “Poltergeist”) (feat. Keyartist) 3:09
3.) Unchained Melody (From “Ghost”) (feat. Alex North) 3:40
4.)End Credits (From “Ghost Story”) (feat. Joohyun Park, Katie Campbell) 5:01
5.) Castle Ride (From "The Canterville Ghost”) (feat. Howard Blake) 1:52
6.)End Title (From "The Amityville Horror") (feat. Joohyun Park, ) 3:19
7.) Opening Theme (From “She Waits”) (feat. Mark Northam) 2:40
8.) Main Title (From "The Shining”) (feat. Louis Febre) 3:25
9.) Main Theme (From “Field of Dreams”) (feat. Dan Redfeld) 6:00
10.) Music Box / End Title (From “The Changeling”) (feat. Ken Wannberg) 3:10
11.) The Carnival of Souls (From “Carnival of Souls”) (feat. Gene Moore) 5:09
12.) End Credits (From "Amityville 3-D”) (feat. Howard Blake) 3:52