JAZZ CRIMINAL - Patrick Gleeson



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BSX Records reissues Patrick Gleeson’s deliciously compelling collection of remixed jazz improvisations, originally released in 2007. Adroitly created, this avant-garde collection of eight loosely-structured tone poems is wildly experimental, what Lang once described as “dense jazz–inflected electro acoustic collage.” Beneath the superlative keyboard structures of Gleeson and Lang, multireedist Bennie Maupin and trumpeter Wallace Rooney provide mesmerizing solos. Also featured are Ronnie Burrage and Ralph Humphrey, whose smart percussion interactions blend easily with the collective sonic palette.

“Jim writes something, records it in ProTools and gives it to me,” describes Gleeson in his album notes. “I concentrate on a few areas that I dupe and rearrange, pushing sections this way and that—toward funk, away from funk, toward Stockhausen, away from Stockhausen, toward Gil Evans, away from Gil Evans, etc. The outcomes… are by turns obvious, difficult, tidy, and irrational. It is essentially the same process as getting in a room together and hitting.”

1. Mojom (9:10)
2. Starlee (5:13)
3. A List of Everything (5:02)
4. Salt (6:24)
5. Void When We Want (3:13)
6. Take That Time (6:32)
7. No Two Handles (5:32)
8. Ask Again Later (7:24)
Total Time: 48:50