SHERLOCK - Music from the Television Series by David Arnold and Michael Price.



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BSX Records presents Music From The Television Series SHERLOCK.  The album features original recordings, arranged and produced by Dominik Hauser, of the beloved themes from all three series of the acclaimed worldwide television adaptation SHERLOCK written by composers David Arnold and Michael Price as performed by Meridian Studio Ensemble.

“The partnership of David Arnold and Michael Price in creating the expressive and appealing music for SHERLOCK has engaged audiences since the series’ debut in 2010,” said Larson. “The composers have continuously achieved an absorbing tonality to serve the show and its characters, aptly conveying through tone, texture, and harmony the fascinating mental resources that Sherlock Holmes is able to wield toward the solving of crimes. At the same time, the music also reinforces the show’s emotional undercurrent, which helps keep the stories and their characters alive and plausible in their manifold interactions.” 

1. SHERLOCK Opening Titles - Series 1 (0:37)
2. The Game Is On (A Study In Pink) (3:04)
3. Pink (A Study In Pink) (3:44)
4. Pursuit (A Study In Pink) (1:39)
5. Elegy (A Blind Banker) (2:53)
6. Irene’s Theme
(A Scandal in Belgravia) (2:17)

7. Potential Clients 
(A Scandal in Belgravia) (1:59)
8. Status Symbols 
(A Scandal in Belgravia) (2:35)

9. The Woman (A Scandal in Belgravia) (2:34)
10. SHERlocked 
(A Scandal in Belgravia) (3:44)
11. Prepared to do Anything
(The Reichenbach Fall) (3:48)
12. Blood on the Pavement
(The Reichenbach Fall) (2:09)
13. One More Miracle
(The Reichenbach Fall) (2:07)
14. #SherlockLives
(The Empty Hearse) (2:41)

15. Lazarus (The Empty Hearse) (3:09)
16. Lestrade – The Movie
(The Sign Of Three) (2:32)
17. Stag Night (The Sign Of Three) (2:19)
18. Waltz for John and Mary
(The Sign Of Three) (3:44)

19. Redbread (His Last Vow) (2:10)
20. Addicted To A Certain Lifestyle
(His Last Vow) (2:37)
21. The East Wind (His Last Vow) (4:01)
22. Sherlock: End Titles - Series 3 (0:55)