SLIDE - Patrick Gleeson



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BSX Records reissues Patrick Gleeson’s 2007 album Slide, a chamber music album of jazz influenced minimalism that features Gleeson on piano and synth, Joan Jeanrenaud on cello, Peter Manau on guitar, and Marc Russo on woodwinds. The blending of improvisations, rhythms, instrumental fusion, variegated tone colors, and creative performance techniques from the quartet makes this album a delightful sonic journey of multifaceted expression.

This is BSX’s third reissue of Gleeson’s jazz albums, following their premiere CD release of Gleeson’s soundtrack to the 1982 animated film, The Plague Dogs, and three of Gleeson’s synth recordings (Vivaldi: The Four Seasons, Patrick Gleeson’s Star Wars, and Holst's The Planets - An Electronic Realization By Patrick Gleeson). 

Patrick Gleeson (born ca. 1930) is a musician, synthesizer pioneer, composer and producer. He began experimenting with electronic music in the mid-‘60s; in 1968, after experiencing Walter Carlos’ Switched-On Bach, he bought a Moog and opened recording studio Different Fur. He worked with Herbie Hancock in the early 1970s, touring with Hancock and introducing him to the use of synthesizers and appearing on the albums Crossings and Sextant. Gleeson has composed music for a number of other film soundtracks, including The Zoo Gang, The Bedroom Window, and contributed music to Apocalypse Now. He has scored nine television series, including Ewoks and Knot’s Landing.

1. Variations On A Philip Glass Theme (10:28)
2. Slide (16:45)
3. Music From Bruce Conner's LUKE (20:45)
Total Time: 48:06