STONE ON STONE - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack By Louis Febre



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BSX Disc-On-Demand (CD-R)
CD includes Digital Download / Digital Booklet

Buysoundtrax Disc-On-Demand presents an EP of the original soundtrack from the 2010 documentary film, STONE ON STONE featuring music by Louis Febre.

In STONE ON STONE, Blood, sweat and skill dominate this collaboration of Japanese and American stone cutters to erect two huge ramparts on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific. Without using cement or any other binding material the masons stack 300 tons of stone in 9 days to complete the work.

01. On The Rocks / Work Begins 3:09
02. Ballet On The Rock 3:24
03. Sunset Over Ventura / A Shogun Story 3:24
04. Mirror Stone / End Credits 2:15

Total Time: 12:12

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