THE EVERLASTING SECRET FAMILY - Original Soundtrack by Tony Bremner (Digital EP - 24 Bit Wav, MP3, Digital PDF)

Dragon's Domain Records


Dragon's Domain Digital presents the original soundtrack recording to the 1988 Australian motion picture THE EVERLASTING SECRET FAMILY with music composed by Tony Bremner. Produced by Antony I. Ginnane and directed by Michael Thornhill, THE EVERLASTING SECRET FAMILY concerns a fictional group (acting similar to Freemasons) of middle-aged homosexual men (including a senator)who  hold influence and power over young school boys from the fictional Saint Michael's Private School for Boys. The film follows one of these boys (called only 'Youth'), as he rises through the ranks of the secret society. 

Composer Tony Bremner was born in Sydney in 1939 and has lived in London since 1961. He studied piano at the Conservatorium High School. In England he studied singing and for 10 years worked in the Glyndebourne chorus as a tenor; his change to counter-tenor turned out to be a success - his first job with the new voice was at Covent Garden as understudy to James Bowman. He appeared in Death in Venice at the Adelaide Festival in 1980 and later sang the falsetto role in Reimann's Lear in Mannheim and again in Krefeld.

Although he had done a bit of composing in his Sydney days, it was not until he began to work as assistant to Christopher Palmer (musicologist, and orchestrator for many big Hollywood composers) that he started to compose again. In 1981 the QSO gave the premiere of his Harp Concerto. In 1983 he wrote his first film score, Kindred Spirits – an award winning score written for ABC TV. Two more films followed, A Halo for Athuan and The Everlasting Secret Family. His cantata In the Shrubbery was first performed in 1991 by The Song Company and recorded on the Tall Poppies label.

Among many other projects, He orchestrated the Entheon Concerto for Peter Stannard and is currently publishing his arrangements of popular classics for harp ensembles.

01. The Everlasting Secret Family - The Family (1:42)
02. Doberemu Galavide; Ruverai (5:51)
03. Revosonabe; Pottery; Ritual Dance (6:45)
04. The Lovers (3:03)
05. End Titles (3:32)