BLOOD ON THE SUN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Miklos Rozsa

Citadel Records

SKU: STC77137

CD includes Digital Download Package - 24 Bit WAV, MP3, Digital Booklet

Buysoundtrax Digital, In association with Citadel Records, Presents the original soundtrack to the 1945 motion picture BLOOD ON THE SUN with music by Miklos Rozsa. In addition to the original soundtrack, BLOOD ON THE SUN features superb solo guitar renditions of several classic Miklos Rozsa themes as performed by acclaimed classical guitarist Gregg Nestor along with additional performances by Ralph Gari, John Rarig and the Brigham Young University Acapella Choir.

1. Main Title (From "Blood On The Sun") 2:42
2. Japanese Tea Garden (From "Blood On The Sun") 2:23
3. Tokyo Tea Room Waltz (From "Blood On The Sun") 1:46
4. Together Again (From "Blood On The Sun") 2:51
5. Prelude to Death / Hara-kiri (From "Blood On The Sun")  3:05
6. Love Scene (From "Blood On The Sun") 1:46
7. Doubtful Moment (From "Blood On The Sun") 0:50
8. Tokyo Carnival (From "Blood On The Sun") 1:40
9. Dangerous Love (From "Blood On The Sun") 2:06
10. Tatsugi’s Death and The Fightv (From "Blood On The Sun") 5:38
11. The Perilous Block (From "Blood On The Sun") 2:31
12. Finale (From "Blood On The Sun") 2:39
Orchestra Conducted by Miklós Rózsa

Guitar transcriptions: Gregg Nestor, Miklós Rózsa
13. Tokyo Tea Room Waltz  (From "Blood On The Sun")1:49
14. The Boar House Waltz (From "A Woman's Vengeance") 2:08
15. Twilight’s Waltz (From "Providence") 3:54
16. Waltz of the Happy Idiot (From "Tip On A Dead Jockey") 2:04
17. Main Theme (From "Green Fire") 2:00
18. Bourée (From "Moonfleet") 2:23
Gregg Nestor, guitar

19. Notturno (From The Killers and Bruce Force") 4:30
Arranged by John Rarig and the composer.
Ralph Gari, saxophone; John Rarig, piano

20. The Christ Theme (From Ben Hur) 2:07
21. Main Theme (From "King Of Kings") 2:36
Adapted by Miklós Rózsa for organ and chorus
The Brigham Young University A Cappella Choir,
Ralph Woodward, conductor; Dan Cook, organist

TT: 54:48