CINEMA IMAGINAIRE - Soundtracks for Imaginary Movies by Chuck Cirino

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DRAGON'S DOMAIN Records presents CINÉMA IMAGINAIRE, an original concept album featuring music composed by Chuck Cirino (CHOPPING MALL, DEATHSTALKER II, RETURN OF SWAMP THING) in collaboration with author and screenwriter Dave Nichols. As teenagers Chuck and Dave would listen to the movie soundtracks of composers such as Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith and John Barry on vinyl LPs and fantasize over the jacket art and liner notes before they actually saw the films in movie theaters. Together they would imagine what was happening in the movies to match the music. Frequently, their imaginations conjured up better stories than the actual films themselves.

CINÉMA IMAGINAIRE is a unique CD release featuring film music composed by Chuck for eleven film concepts written by Chuck and author Dave Nichols. More than a hypothetical movie soundtrack album, it's a unique audiocinematic experience containing eleven musical movie soundtrack suites based on eleven original story ideas. The concept expands as each musical suite is supported by a written synopsis depicting the story. Following the music suites, there is some additional bonus material that should appeal to fans of the composer’s work.

Chuck Cirino and Dave Nichols have been churning out story ideas for movies since they were teens together in high school. Both of them migrated from the East Coast to Hollywood back in the early 1980s and work together creatively whenever they can.

01 Space Case 2:36
02 Sherlock’s Regret 3:53
03 Reign of Terra 2:59
04 Flat Cat 2:58
05 In Search of Darker Seas 2:13
06 The Seeding 3:08
07 Amorphous 3:55
08 Queen of Night 4:28
09 Fistful of Blood 2:44
10 Frankenstein Unchained 4:58
11 USS Johnston 3:40
Imaginary Soundtrack Bonus Tracks:
12 The Neptune Factor 2:47
13 Enjie 3:27
14 Dating in LA 1:59
15 Flordilyn’s Journey 4:05
16 Son of Deathstalker II 3:09
17 The Gladdening 2:58
18 Mechamantis 1:52
19 Korg the Barbarian 2:30
20 Hide & Seek 2:34
21 Pitfall 3:07
22 The Trance 2:34
23 Superstition Mountians 2:25
24 Sergio & Ennio 3:16
25 Angel’s Landing 2:53

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