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The only thing more terrifying than how it began, is how it will end.

AHI Records, to be distributed by BUYSOUNDTRAX Records, will be releasing a special Limited Edition Expanded release of HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS. The soundtrack features music composed & performed by Alan Howarth (THE LOST EMPIRE, HEADLESS) for the 1995 sequel to the popular HALLOWEEN series directed by Joe Chappelle (CHICAGO FIRE, FRINGE, THE WIRE), starring Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Mitch Ryan, Kim Darby, Bradford English, Keith Bogart, George P. Wilbur as Michael Myers and Donald Pleasance returning as Dr. Loomis.

Released in 1995, HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS reveals that Michael Myers is driven by an ancient druidic curse that grants him immortality while compelling him to kill his family as he continues to stalk his niece, Jamie, and her newborn son. HALLOWEEN II revealed that Laurie Strode was Michael’s sister, put up for adoption after Michael’s rampage in the first film, while Jamie was identified as Michael’s niece in HALLOWEEN 4. In addition, HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS was another game changer in the franchise, bridging the original film series inaugurated by John Carpenter in 1980 and the new style of HALLOWEEN films that would begin with HALLOWEEN H20 in 1998. At the time filming began, the franchise was owned by producer Moustapha Akkad and Trancus International Films. During filming, a deal was struck to sell the property to Miramax, for its production company, Dimension Films. The advantage in doing this was that Miramax could give the series a release on a national scale again.

For this new expanded release of HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS, the music is presented on 2 CDs. Alan Howarth’s original unreleased score (the Producer’s Cut) can be found on Disc 1 of this new release while the music as it was heard in the final film is provided with an extended presence on Disc 2. The music has been newly remastered and contains previously unreleased music. The booklet includes exclusive in-depth liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer.

Halloween 6 Producers Cut
1. The Birth Ceremony 3:45
2. Halloween Newborn 4:00
3. Haddonfield Jock Rock 0:38
4. Separation 2:51
5. Take The Child 4:40
6. Who's Baby 1:08
7. Window View 0:42
8. What Will We Do 1:12
9. Strode House 3:00
10. Dark Society 0:46
11. Her Ending 2:02
12. Shape in the Shadows 1:06
13. Time Transition 1:30
14. Be Still 2:12
15. Night of Shadows 1:59
16. Druids 1:56
17. Thorn 8:30
18. Reflection 0:49
19. Up The Stairs 0:59
20. Michael's Curse 3:45

Halloween 6 - Theatrical Cut
1. The Birthing 5:09
2. Halloween  Curse 2:09
3. Haddonfield Rocks 0:36
4. Ceremony 0:52
5. Jamie's Escape 1:38
6. Bus Depot 1:17
7. Old Myers House 0:36
8. The Chambers 0:46
9. Innocence 1:00
10. Runes 0:36
11. Look Out 1:19
12. Nightscape 1:58
13. Grab the Ax 1:16
14. Michael's Back 4:48
15. Thorne Ritual 2:46
16. Raining Red 1:37
17. Shape Attack 0:43
18. DJ Kill 0:11
19. Across the Street 1:14
20. Run For Your Life 3:26
21. He's Coming 1:51
22. Shape Assault 0:58
23. Thorn SacrIfice 1:32
24. Thorn Runes 1:46
25. No Place to Hide 4:01
26. Stalemate 1:46
27. Hallway Out 6:47

28. Unfinished Business 1:00

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