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Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE ALAN HOWARTH COLLECTION, VOLUME 1, featuring music composed and performed by Alan Howarth for three recent horror films from his filmography presented here on two CDs.

Released in 2008, EVILUTION details what happens when an infectious bio weapon developed by the military gets loose and begins infecting people, turning them into vicious killers. The first of two feature films that Chris Conlee would direct (the bulk of Conlee’s film work would be as an assistant or supervising editor), EVILUTION starred Eric Peter-Kaiser, who also co-produced the film with his Canadian production company.  

Released in 2007, HEADLESS HORSEMAN tells the story of seven college kids who take a shortcut on their way to a party and find themselves in the town of Wormwood, where a ghostly headless horseman has taken up seasonal residence and begins to hunt them down one by one.

In 2009, Howarth was hired to score HIGHWAY HUNTER, which was ostensibly based on a true story. The film starred scream queen Danielle Harris, Doug Jones, and Lance Henriksen. After initial discussions about the score for the film, the director returned to Chicago to complete post-production there while Howarth composed, recorded, and mixed his score in Los Angeles.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE ALAN HOWARTH COLLECTION, VOLUME 1, featuring music composed and performed by Alan Howarth. The booklet contains liner notes written by noted author Randall Larson, including insights by composer Alan Howarth on the creation of the scores. The first 50 copies sold through our website will include an autograph by the composer.

1. Operation Sand Trap (4:01)
2. Home Sweet Home (3:38)
3. Beat Street Meet (1:30)
4. Strangeness/Military Response/Top Secret Video (3:23)
5. Collin’s Download (1:57)
6. Very Strange Night (3:37)
7. My Buddy’s Shirt (2:03)
8. Payoff and Enforcement (2:31)
9. Random Shot / It’s All About the Cash (5:42)
10. Random Injection (3:34)
11. Come On In (7:10)
12. Junkie’s Attack (2:00)
13. Infection Spreads (4:18)
14. Kick Some Ass (1:19)
15. Up and Downstairs (4:45)
16. Random Rooftop Shooting (3:58)
17. Ammonium Chloride (5:33)
18. Manager’s Special (2:02)
CD One Total Time: 63:44

1. Headless 1860 (4:02)
2. Junkyard Decap (4:20)
3. Forest Trap (1:55)
4. Wormwood Townies (5:36)
5. Speeding Out of Town (2:20)
6. Find The Sword (5:47)
7. Just the Tip (4:46)
8. Back to Hell (2:54)
9. Hell’s Here (4:54)

10. Highway Hunter (1:34)
11. Back Road (2:54)
12. Looking For Clues (2:28)
13. She Left With a Salesman (2:11)
14. Baby Bye-Bye (1:03)
15. Country Cafe Dance (2:51)
16. Slow Dance Memories (1:07)
17. Closed at Midnight (3:00)
18. You Shoudn’t’a Left Home (3:22)
19. Baby’s Sleeping (3:18)
20. The Basement Cage (1:19)
21. Caught in the Act (3:22)
22. Watch Your Tounge (3:46)
23. Take ‘em Apart (3:51)
24. Last Takedown (3:55)

CD Two Total Time: 75:52

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