THE BEASTMASTER - Original Soundtrack by Lee Holdridge (2 CD SET)

Dragon's Domain Records


THE BEASTMASTER is a limited edition release of 1000 units. 

Dragon’s Domain Records presents the soundtrack release of THE BEASTMASTER, the 1982 fantasy classic directed by Don Coscarelli (PHANTASM, BUBBA HO-TEP, JOHN DIES AT THE END), written by Coscarelli and Paul Pepperman, starring Marc Singer (SOMETHING FOR JOEY, V), Tanya Roberts (CHARLIE’S ANGELS, SHEENA), John Amos (GOOD TIMES, ROOTS, COMING TO AMERICA),  Joshua Milrad and Rip Torn (KING OF KINGS, EXTREME PREJUDICE, MEN IN BLACK) as Maax, featuring music composed and conducted by Lee Holdridge (JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL, SPLASH, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST). 

Released in 1982 at the beginning of a renaissance of fantasy films that include HAWK THE SLAYER, DRAGONSLAYER, EXCALIBUR and CONAN THE BARBARIAN, THE BEASTMASTER was loosely based on a 1959 Andre Norton science fiction novel, THE BEAST MASTER, with a visual nod borrowed more from classic 1960s peplum and the heroic fantasies of Ray Harryhausen films. THE BEASTMASTER tells the story of Dar, a valiant warrior who can telepathically communicate with animals. Dar (Singer) is a stolen son of royalty, kidnapped from the queen’s womb by a witch in service to Maax (Torn), an evil sorcerer.  Dar is saved from sacrifice by a kind villager, who raises him and teaches the young prince how to fight and utilize his uncanny ability to commune with animals.  Facing life alone after his village and its people are  destroyed by Jun warriors in league with Maax, Dar rescues a slave girl (Roberts) and pairs up with boy prince Taj and former King’s guard Seth (John Amos), along with his animal companions, to fight against Maax. Released in the US in late August 1982 (three months after CONAN), THE BEASTMASTER managed to overcome a lukewarm box office performance with a strong cult following that generated two sequel movies and a Canadian television series that aired 66 episodes over three seasons in 1999-2002.

Previously released on compact disc by Quartet Records in 2013 as a limited edition release that quickly sold out, Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring THE BEASTMASTER  back into the marketplace at the request of the composer, newly remastered by Digital Outland under  the composer’s supervision. The end result is a rendition of the BEASTMASTER score that most closely matches what Lee had imagined back in 1982. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author Randall Larson with the participation of the composer. Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE BEASTMASTER on 2 CDs. Disc 1 opens with the original album program  from 1983 followed by the music cues as they appear in the movie in film order, continuing onto Disc 2.

02. The Horde (The Destruction of Emur) (2:43)
03. A Sword and an Eagle 
(The Epic Begins) (4:49)
A) The Princess Kiri
B) Kodo, Podo and Ruh
05. The Pyramid (02:47)
06. Night Journey (Suite 2) (3:56)
A) The Eagle
B) The City
07. The Battle on the Pyramid (6:42)
08. Heroic Friends (4:30)
09. Escape From the Pyramid (2:40)
10. Dar’s Solitude (1:28)
11. The Great Battle (Dar’s Triumph) (3:37)
12. The New Kingdom (3:22)
13. A Hero’s Theme (The Legend of Dar) (2:56)  
14. Seq. 1 - Main Titles (1:48)
15. Seq. 2 - Stealing the Child (3:12)
16. Seq. 3 - The Ritual (1:36)
17. Seq. 4 - A New Father (1:35)
20. Seq. 7 - Ferret Chase/Quicksand (2:13)
21. Seq. 8 - Captive Panther/Fighting Juns (2:53)
22. Seq. 9 - The Bathing Scene (1:20)
23. Seq. 10 - Dar Pursues Kiri (5:10)
Total Time - Disc One: 73:57
1. Seq. 11 - Journey to the City (1:31)
2. Seq. 12 - Sacrifice Thwarted (4:16)
3. Seq. 13 - Death Sentence (2:16)
5. Seq. 15 - The Rescue of Kiri (2:21)
7.Seq. 17 - Into the Pyramid/Corridor Ambush (1:00)
8. Seq. 18 - Stealing the Keys/The Cell (4:41)
10. Seq. 20 - A Little Late (1:27)
11.Seq. 21 - Outside the Pyramid (1:34)
12. Seq. 22 - Through the Gate/Dar the Outcast (2:44)
13. Seq. 23 - Pyramid Battle, Part I(Alternate) (2:49)
14. Seq. 24 - Pyramid Battle, Part II (Alternate) (2:18)
15.Seq. 25 - Pyramid Battle, Part III (Alternate) (3:57)
16. Seq. 26 - Preparations (1:48)
18. Seq. 28 - The Tide Turns (1:30)
19. Seq. 29 - A New King (3:24)
20. Seq. 30 - Finale (2:05)
London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Charles Gerhart
Total Time - Disc Two: 68:35
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