THE CREATURE WASN'T NICE - Original Motion PIcture Soundtrack



Includes Digital Download / Booklet

BuySoundtrax Records proudly presents the soundtrack for The Creature Wasn't Nice (aka Spaceship).

The Creature Wasn't Nice is an epic science fiction adventure - so epic it makes the Lord of the Rings Trilogy seem like a short story, so science fictiony it makes Star Wars seem like a Jane Austen novel, so full of adventure it makes Indiana Jones seem like a paper pusher.

The film stars Leslie Nielsen as Captain Jameson of the spaceship Vertigo, whose crew explores a previously unknown planet and brings a mysterious ooze back to earth. The ooze grows into the Creature, who can only communicate by singing in a Vegas style lounge act. The creature denies all claims that Engelbert Humperdinck is his long lost son. Also appearing in the film are Cindy Williams, Gerrit Graham and Patrick Macnee, and introducing Ron Kurowski as the the creature - how many actors have dreamed of saying that!

1. Let’s Eat Here/Main Title
2. Annie Is Surprised
3. An Unknown and Undiscovered Planet
4. Captain Jameson’s Dramatic Reading From The Ship’s Log
5. Cooking With John
6. Hold Me, Touch Me, Thrill Me
7. The “Stark” Planet
8. The Sample Vault
9. Growing Pains
10. Still Growing
11. Science Is My Pie
12. The Creature Is Loose
13. Trying To Find The Creature
14. The Long Corridor
15. Don’t Move
16. All Right, I’ll Go
17. All Right, I’m Back
18. The Solarium and A Visitor
19. The Solarium and Another Visitor
20. Drawing Lots/John Finds The Creature
21. Translating the Creature
22. I Want To Eat Your Face
23. This Creature Means No Harm
24. It Seems To Have Eaten Dr. Stark
25. Two Teams Searching
26. The Creature Eats Jameson and Rodzinski
27. The Creature Lurks
28. Annie and John Meet The Creature
29. Annie Has A Plan
30. Bachelor Bills
31. Farewell to The Creature/It’s Just You and Me Now
32. End Credits

Bonus Material
33. I Want To Eat Your Face 
(alternate "Creature" vocal with orchestra)

34. It's Just You And Me Now 
(version not used in film)
35. Hold Me, Touch Me, Thrill Me 
(demo version - Vocal: Lisa Cutler)
36. Bachelor Bills (demo version)
37. Hold Me, Touch Me, Thrill Me 
(Karaoke sing-a-long version)
38. I Want To Eat Your Face 
(Karaoke sing-a-long version)
39. Bachelor Bills 
(Karaoke sing-a-long version)
40. Broderick Crawford as Max