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Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed by BuySoundtrax Records, will be releasing THE JOEL GOLDSMITH COLLECTION, VOLUME 1, featuring the previously unreleased scores to Jim (PIRANHACONDA) Wynorski’s gentle family comedy HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (1993, aka LITTLE MISS MILLIONS) and Tony (HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II) Randel’s revenge thriller ONE GOOD TURN (1996).

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS starred a young Jennifer Love-Hewitt as a millionaire heiress who runs away from her step-parents to find her real mother, prompting an all-out pursuit to find her. The latter is a revenge thriller with an unusual twist, as a reunion between a guy and the man who saved his life years earlier becomes a deadly quest for unfulfilled vengeance. HOME FOR CHRISTMAS’s music is mostly written for a rhythm section/rock combo with a small orchestral ensemble, giving the film a lighthearted, toe-tapping, and forward-moving vibe; while Joel’s music for ONE GOOD TURN is quite at home in dark thriller territory, offset by a sublime love theme. The small orchestral score is suspenseful and provocative.

With THE JOEL GOLDSMITH COLLECTION, VOLUME 1, Dragon’s Domain Records, distributed by BuySoundtrax Records, presents the world premiere release of Joel Goldsmith’s music for HOME FOR CHRISTMAS and ONE GOOD TURN, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. The booklet contains liner notes written by author Randall D. Larson. The album is presented in a limited edition of 500 units. 


(Original Score)
01. Nick Busts Santa Claus (3:01)
02. Heather Runs Away (2:28)
03. Lost Daughter (1:33)
04. Airport Escape (2:06)
05. Heather Sneaks Out (1:19)
06. Biker Bar Fight (3:25)
07. Good Night (1:58)
08. Breakfast (2:07)
09. The F.B.I. (2:16)
10. Heather and Nick (4:01)
11. The Big Chase (2:23)
12. A Christmas Reunion (3:08)
13. Closing Theme (1:02)

(Original Score)
14. Main Title (2:27)
15. Street Encounter (1:10)
16. I Should Have Died (2:09)
17. Searching for Simon (2:38)
18. Simon’s Place (2:09)
19. Love Scene (2:05)
20. If I Had Saved the Girl (0:53)
21. Phone Call / Train Kill / Night Time (4:56)
22. What Records? (1:36)
23. Simnon’s Hacking (1:50)
24. Rooftop Encounter (2:09)
25. He May Be Working For You / Romantic Getaway (1:07)
26. Gentle Interlude (0:51)
27. Simon Shows Up (1:25)
28. Shaving Cut (0:56)
29. The Truth About Simon (2:09)
30. To The Rescue and Simon’s End (8:03)
Total Time: 69:10