APOLOGY - Original Soundtrack by Maurice Jarre



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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack for APOLOGY, featuring music composed by Maurice Jarre (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, DR. ZHIVAGO, WITNESS) for the 1986 mystery/thriller directed by Robert Bierman (VAMPIRE’S KISS), written by Mark Medoff (CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD), starring Lesley Ann Warren, Peter Weller, Harvey Fierstein, John Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Chris Noth and Jimmie Ray Weeks.

APOLOGY first aired on HBO in 1986, a mystery/thriller that takes place in New York and tells the story of Lily (Warren), a sculpture/performance artist whose current art exhibit is a large, walk/through tunnel apparatus outfitted with hidden speakers that are designed to play anonymous apologetic confessions she has been soliciting and recording from the general public on her answering machine.  Lily posts announcements around lower Manhattan and waits for the calls to come in.  Initially she is delighted with the results… until a man with a strange voice identifies himself as Claude leaves a message, owning up to having committed a recent series of murders. While his calls continue, Lily finds herself identified as Apology by a news reporter, prompting Claude to insist on a personal meeting. Enter NYPD homicide detective Rad Hungate (Weller), an honest cop going through grand jury hearings for shooting a thug in self-defense. Hungate is breaking up with his girlfriend, who has given up on the relationship and is moving out and so the lonely cop becomes infatuated with Lily during his investigation. As the paths of Lily and Claude gradually converge, Lily begins to unravel.  While Hungate sets up a stakeout on Claude’s apartment, Lily refuses to wait at precinct headquarters and instead goes after the killer herself, leaving directions to her art studio on her outbound telephone message so he will know where to find her, thus setting up the film’s climax.

Originally released on vinyl in 1986 by Varese Sarabande, the album, produced by Jarre, was sequenced far out of film order to maximize listenability as a work of music alone. Buysoundtrax presents APOLOGY on compact disc for the first time, newly remastered by James Nelson of Digital Outland, with liner notes by author Randall Larson.

1. Nighttime (3:13)
2. Claude Follows Anna (3:18)
3. Resolution (3:10)
4. Meet Me (3:17)
5. Lovemaking (2:23)
6. Lily Followed (4:04)
7. You Have A Nice Smile (1:03)
8. Sculpture (2:12)
9. Chase (2:55)
10. Alone In The Night (2:56)
Music by Maurice Jarre,
Lyrics by Norman Gimble,
Sung by Bill Champlin
Total Time: 28:53