Been in the woods lately?

At long last, the fifth and final chapter in the BARE WENCH PROJECT saga is now available on DVD! If you were startled, shocked and/or sensually aroused by the earlier entries, this last knockout punch will leave you gasping for breath. Glorioski Productions and Fearless Media, Inc. present THE BARE WENCH PROJECT 5, produced, written and directed by the legendary Jim Wynorski (THE LOST EMPIRE, CHOPPING MALL, NOT OF THIS EARTH), starring Julie K. Smith (WASP WOMAN, SEXY WIVES SINDROME), Glori-Anne Gilbert (CURSE OF THE KOMODO, THE HILLS HAVE THIGHS) and the fabulous Potter Twins. And, if that's not enough, Penthouse Pet Of The Year Julie Strain makes a special appearance as the Bare Wench herself.

Starring five of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, BW5 sweeps you into a sexy, topsy-turvy, time-bending adventure set in the foreboding badlands of Nevada, near Area 51. On a journey to debunk the steamy supernatural legend of an all-powerful erotic ghost, a curvy team of exotic models fall victim to a sensual awakening that could only come from the Bare Wench. Will the ladies get naked to survive? There's only one way to find out...

THE BARE WENCH PROJECT 5: THE FINAL CHAPTER is now available on DVD, distributed exclusively by BSX Entertainment. This is an all-region DVD and playable in all formats.