TEENAGE EXORCIST / WITCH ACADEMY - Soundtracks by Chuck Cirino - 2 CD Set

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents music composed by Chuck Cirino for TEENAGE EXORCIST and WITCH ACADEMY, two horror comedies from the composer’s extensive filmography. TEENAGE EXORCIST was written by Brinke Stevens and Ted Newsom, from a story by Fred Olen Ray, starring Brinke Stevens, Eddie Deezen, Oliver Darrow, John Henry Richardson, Tom Shell, Elena Sahagun, Robert Quarry and Michael Berryman. WITCH ACADEMY was directed by Fred Olen Ray, written by Mark Thomas McGee and stars Suzanne Ager, Priscilla Barnes, Michelle Bauer, Veronica Carothers, Ruth Collins, Don Dowe, John Henry Richardson and Robert Vaughn.

Released in 1991, TEENAGE EXORCIST tells the story of Diane, a neurotic, repressed grad student who moves into a cursed mansion and finds herself possessed by the house’s demonic master. Transformed into a raven-haired seductress, Diane begins to search for a virgin sacrifice for her master. Her sister and brother-in-law, along with an Irish priest, her boyfriend, and a pizza delivery boy arrive and try to save Diane and exorcise her demon. Directed by Grant Waldman and written by Brinke Stevens (who also stars) from a story by Fred Olen Ray, TEENAGE EXORCIST began as a project Ray intended to make. Having known Chuck Cirino from two of those previous three movies he’d worked on with Ray (as well as his directorial debut earlier that same year, THE CHANNELER), producer Grant Waldman brought him in to compose the film’s score. Cirino, an expert electronic musician and composer, had recently added an Roland D50 synthesizer to his array of electronic equipment, and used it for the first time on this score.

Released in 1995, WITCH ACADEMY, also known as LITTLE DEVILS, tells the story of Leslie Perkins, who is trying to pledge to an exclusive college sorority while the other members come up with twisted new ways to humiliate her and keep her out. However, the Devil has other plans for Leslie and helps transform her into one of his emissaries of temptation. But why has the Devil taken an interest in her? WITCH ACADEMY was the eleventh film Cirino had scored for Fred Olen Ray as director.

Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring TEENAGE EXORCIST and WITCH ACADEMY to compact disc for the first time, presented on two CDs, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland with exclusive liner notes by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the composer and writer/director Fred Olen Ray.

TEENAGE EXORCIST/WITCH ACADEMY is a limited edition release of 500 units. As a special offer, the first 50 people to order the album from the record label’s website will have their copy autographed by the composer at no additional charge.

1. Moving In (3:30)
2. “You Don’t Live Here Anymore” / Milk Carton Breathes / Lettuce Beware (2:38)
3. Demon Disturbs Diane / Diane Possessed (5:00)
4. Sally & Mike Arrive / Spilled Cocktail (3:35)
5. Chainsaw Chase Scene / Mike Puts Diane Out of Commision / Showering With a Demon (4:05)
6. Jeff’s Lovely Monoloue / “I’m Calling a Priest” / “What’s Supposed to Happen at Midnight?” (2:24)
7. Searching The Basement (3:36)
8. Father McFerrin’s Failed Exorcism(5:57)
9. Eddie, The Pizza Guy / Stuck In The Middle With Zombies / Father McFerrin Calms the Zombies / Demon In The Cellar (3:55)
10. Eddie Meets The Demon / Rescuing Eddie / Diane Subdues Mike (4:26)
11. Mike’s Off To See The Demon (3:02)
12. Demon Prepares Ceremony / The Shocking Climax (5:23)
13. The Zombie Whisperer / Coda: Bulgarian Head Cheese Pizza (1:48)
14. The Shocking Stingers (0:55)
Total Time: 50:50

01. Electric Tricks (6:36)
02. Little Devils (Main Title) (2:59)
03. Cancelled Fun / Best Outfit (0:47)
04. The Arrival / The Turning Point (3:08)
05. Devilish Maneuvers / The Real Devil /
Oh / The Truth / Potato Bug (3:56)
06. Unpicked Lock / Never Born (0:52)
07. Something in Purple / Professor LaMarr / Body Bag (1:36)
08. Sleeping Powder (0:50)
09. Sex Sister (0:37)
10. Death of LaMarr (2:17)
11. Arctic Base Factor / The Monster Trick (0:56)
12. Flying Flounders / Becky Once More / Hunky Dory (4:37)
13. Eeh! / The Creeps / What Next? (4:22)
14. Angelic Choir / God Is Watching (2:17)
15. That Little Devil / Turning End Titles (1:35)
16. End Credits & Bloopers (4:13)
17. Electric Tricks (Alternate) (6:09)
18. The Real Devil (Alternate with Gong) (1:00)
19. Unpicked Lock (Alternate) (0:40)
20. Always Had The Chassis (Alternate) (0:46)
21. Unused Versions Suite (4:26)
Total Time: 55:34

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