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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original soundtrack to BLACK SCORPION, featuring music composed by Kevin Kiner (STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH, PEACEMAKER, DOOM PATROL) for the 1995 action film directed by Jonathan Winfrey, written by Craig J. Nevius and starring Joan Severance, Rick Rossovich, Michael Wiseman, Bradford Tatum, Casey Siemaszko, Terri J. Vaughn, Bruce Abbott, Darryl M. Bell, Stephen Lee, John Sanderford and Garrett Morris.
Produced by Roger Corman, BLACK SCORPION was a 1995 Showtime film, starring Joan Severance as police detective Darcy Walker, secretly known to a small few as the Black Scorpion. After her father is murdered before her eyes, detective Darcy becomes the vigilante Black Scorpion to avenge him. Modeled after Batman but displaying lots more female flesh, the show was essentially a camp comedy. She had no superpowers, but like Batman, she deals justice to criminals with her capable martial arts fighting ability and a variety of technological gadgets, speeding around the city in a modified Porsche called the Scorpionmobile. Being both a Corman production and a Showtime movie, Severance displayed her share of flesh as Darcy Walker, while as Black Scorpion she focused on putting crime in its painful place.
Kiner’s score for BLACK SCORPION was primarily synths, but he did manage to include a handful of live players. The film is scored in the manner of a standard detective thriller, with tense percussion and mostly synth elements, but once Darcy dons her black leather outfit and roars around the City of Angels in her Scorpionmobile, Kiner reprises his action vibe with strings, winds, and heavy percussion.

Prolific composer Kevin Kiner began his film music career in 1985, scoring a number of television projects, including all 100+ episodes of the syndicated 1988-92 superhero TV series SUPERBOY. His subsequent, mostly television, endeavors range from animated STAR WARS series such as THE CLONE WARS and THE BAD BATCH, Westerns and cop TV shows, and DC superhero shows such as DOOM PATROL, PEACEMAKER and TITANS.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents BLACK SCORPION, featuring music from the original Showtime film composed by Kevin Kiner. The liner notes are written by noted author Randall Larson, featuring the participation of the composer. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland.

BLACK SCORPION is a limited edition release of 500 units and is expected to begin shipping the week of March 13th, 2023. The first 50 copies sold through our website will include an autograph by the composer.

01. Main Title and Flashback (4:56)
02. Chasing Down Suspects /Death Of Goddard / Street Walking (4:40)
03. Convict Attempts Escape /Aldridge Kills Darcy’s Dad / Intro Of Breathtaker (3:54)
04. Darcy’s Lament / Becoming Black Scorpion (4:18)
05. Scorpion Finds E-Z / Breathtaker's Paln / Rescued By Scorpion (4:23)
06. Mayor Attacked / Scorpion Defeats “Kung Foo Gang” (2:52)
07. Scorpion Battles Wrestlers / Roof Fight (3:32)
08. Breathtaker's Plan Takes Form / Did You Kiss Black Scorpion / Approaching The Chemical Plant (3:26)
09. Russo To The Plant / Shoot Out With Goons (8:39)
10. Black Scorpion and Russo Make Love / Darcy Talks To Russo About Her Parents (3:48)
11. Gas Mask Stampede / Wrestler Rematch / Russo Removes Mask (6:37)
12. Final Battle / Goddard Loses / Russo Does Remember (6:04)
Total Time: 57:40

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