FLASH GORDON (Score) /AMITYVILLE 3D - Original Soundtracks by Howard Blake


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The original score to FLASH GORDON, the 1980 campy science fiction classic directed by Mike Hodges, starring Sam J. Jones as Flash Gordon, Max Von Sydow as the Emperor Ming, Topol as Dr. Hans Zarkov, Melody Anderson as Dale Arden, Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan of the Hawk people, Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin of the Arboreans, Ornella Muti as the ubersexy Princess Aura and Peter Wyngarde as Klytus. The Hollywood Records album release contained a compilation of songs composed by the rock group, Queen, and some music composed by Howard Blake, augmented by dialogue and sound effects from the film. Available for the first time ever from Super Tracks Music is the orchestral score in its original form, written for FLASH GORDON before Queen had joined the project.

Also on this release is an extended suite of music from composer Howard Blake’s haunting score to AMITYVILLE 3-D, also known as AMITYVILLE 3: THE DEMON, the 1983 sequel from the AMITYVILLE HORROR series directed by veteran Richard Fleischer and starring Tony Roberts, Tess Harper, Candy Clark along with Lori Loughlin and Meg Ryan in early film roles. Howard Blake is a classically trained composer who has written great orchestral scores for projects such as THE DUELLISTS, THE SNOWMAN and RIDDLE OF THE SANDS. Contains 55 minutes of music from FLASH GORDON and approximately 20 minutes from AMITYVILLE 3-D.

1. Opening Scenes - Killer Storm -
Plane Crash (7:15)

2. Rocket Fight (1:30)
3. Arrival - Mongo Greeting - Palace Entry - The Court of Ming (3:59)
4. Barin & the Hawkmen (3:14)
5. The Princess - Dale's Seduction -
Football Fight (2:13)
6. Bell & Coffin - Zarkov -
Rocket Ship Flight (3:20)

7. Flight to Arboria - Harem (2:06)
8. Telepathy - Dale's Drug (2:07)
9. Arboria (0:51)
10. Dale's Fight (1:32)
11. Zarkov & Dale Escape (1:25)
12. Torture - The Swamp (2:11)
13. The City of the Hawkmen (1:01)
14. Tree-Stump Duel -
Beast in the Swamp (6:00)
15. Romantic Reunion (0:27)
16. Duel on the Sky Platform (7:48)
17. Firefight - Finale: Death of Ming & Flash's Victory (2:37)

18. Amityville 3D - Main Titles (3:20)
19. Car Death (3:16)
20. The Boat Dock (2:57)
21. The Mermaid (2:15)
22. The Doll (1:08)
23. Mother (2:27)
24. The Beast 01:45)
25. End Titles (3:51)