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Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE MARK SNOW COLLECTION, VOLUME 2, featuring two consummate scores composed by Mark Snow (THE X FILES, SMALLVILLE, GHOST WHISPERER) for select television movies from the 1990s while Snow was working on THE X FILES. Both films have a common theme, each is driven by the actions of a femme fatale, women using any means available to get what they want from their unsuspecting partners. The first, CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT, begins with the end of Caroline, killed by her friend Victoria who is now trying to lure in an unsuspecting crime reporter to take the fall for her; the second, SEDUCED AND BETRAYED, details the lengths a beautiful but equally deadly widower will go to as she draws a dedicated family man into her web, threatening to destroy his life in the process of getting what she wants.

Dragon’s Domain Records presents THE MARK SNOW COLLECTION, VOLUME 2, featuring the original television soundtracks to CAROLINE AT MIDNIGHT and SEDUCED AND BETRAYED, featuring music composed by Mark Snow. THE MARK SNOW COLLECTION, VOLUME 2 is a limited edition release of 2000 units.

(Original Score)
01. Main Title (3:38)
02. Phil Checks Out/Memories of Caroline/Graveyard (4:03)
03. The Accident / Accident Report (2:17)
04. Joey’s End / The Morning After (1:59)
05. Nightmare (1:12)
06. Victoria’s Story (3:11)
07. Evidence / Phone Call (3:20)
08. Interlude (2:54)
09. Bathroom Fun / Burning Cop Car / Ray’s Return (4:38)
10. Time to Say Goodbye (1:33)
11. The End of Ray (4:05)
12. Victoria’s Confession / End Credits (7:29)
(Original Score)
13. Main Title (2:31)
14. Lucky Me / Back Home (3:10)
15. By The Pool / Want to Take a Shower? (2:51)
16. Ice Cubes / Dan to the Rescue (2:25)
17. The Necklace / The Dark House (3:02)
18. The Seduction (2:34)
19. Failing The Exam / Seduced Again (3:46)
20. Searching the House (2:00)
21. Child Protective Services / Missing Children / Victoria’s Fatal Attaction (2:35)
22. Hit and Run / No One Ever Leaves Me (2:08)
23. Victoria’s Madness (5:35)
24. The End Of Victoria / End Credits (2:41)
Total Time: 76:39