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Midwich Entertainment presents Gary Owens and Eric Boardman in three fun-and-fact filled adventures...

In MORE DINOSAURS, Gary needs more dinosaurs and sends Eric on the ultimate dinosaur safari to find them. Join the hunt for a living dinosaur in the jungles of Africa as no bone is left unturned.

In the second adventure, SON OF DINOSAURS, The mysterious Dr. Lizardi entrusts Gary and Eric with a dinosaur egg. To find out all they can about dinosaurs before the egg hatches, they go on a quest which takes them from Knotts' Berry Farm to the Canadian Badlands.

In the third installment, THE VOLCANO SHOW, Gary and Eric must explore the science and spectacle of volcanic eruptions when a volcano begins to erupt in Eric's back yard.

Produced and Directed by Richard Jones with original music by David Spear. Featuring guest appearances by Kenneth Mars, Alex Rodine, Bill Salugaand Dave Willock.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Dino Bloopers • Gary in Canada • Gary visits artist William Stout • Footage from the uncompleted Space Show.