PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES (COEURS) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Mark Snow



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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES aka COEURS, featuring music composed by Mark Snow for the 2007 film directed by the great Alain Resnais (Mon oncle d'Amérique, Providence, Hiroshima mon amour), adapted from the play by Alan Ayckbourn, starring Sabine Azéma, Isabelle Carré, Laura Morante, Pierre Arditi, André Dussollier and Lambert Wilson.

PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES aka COEURS is the 47th feature film for director Alain Resnais, a veteran of the French New Wave of films produced in the 1950’s and 1960’s, remembered for films such as NIGHT AND FOG, HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR, STAVISKY and PROVIDENCE. Released in France in 2007, COEURS is a French adaptation of a British play entitled PUBLIC FEARS IN PRIVATE PLAYS, written by Alan Ayckbourn. The film explores six lonely people struggling to find or maintain meaningful relationships whose individual lives eventually intersect during a snowy Parisian winter. PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES was nominated for Cesar Awards (France’s equivalent of the Oscar), including Best Score and Best Director.

Primarily known for his work in the medium of television, including many seasons of music scoring for shows such as THE X-FILES, MILLENNIUM, SMALLVILLE, GHOST WHISPERER, NOWHERE MAN and many others, Mark Snow is considered one of television’s most capable composers. The large percentage of his musical output has centered around the subjects of the supernatural, the macabre and outright science fiction or dark fantasy and a wistful, melancholy romantic drama like PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES is the last project one would expect to hire him for but, as fate would have it, Alain Resnais was a fan of THE X-FILES and had long ago been taken by the composer’s scoring, especially its darkly atmospheric and melodic turns. For PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES, Mark Snow has written a sublimely atmospheric musical score for a film that is intriguing, enigmatic, ultimately pessimistic but one that remains profoundly touching and affecting. The score exhibits many of the expressive, melodic moments that Snow invested into segments of his scores for THE X-FILES and MILLENNIUM. With  PRIVATE FEARS IN PUBLIC PLACES, Mark Snow joins the ranks of Stephen Sondheim, Miklos Rozsa, Georges Delerue and many other legendary composers who have been inspired by the films of Alain Resnais.

Mark Snow has worked on more than a hundred television movies and series, PC games and feature films including THE X-FILES, MILLENNIUM, SMALLVILLE, GHOST WHISPERER, NOWHERE MAN and the forthcoming THE X-FILES: REVELATIONS feature film. Mark has been nominated for 14 Primetime Emmy awards since 1984 and won at least 19 ASCAP awards. The composer is also a founding member of the legendary New York Rock'n'Roll ensemble, along with fellow composer Michael Kamen. The band was signed to Atlantic Records and Mark toured and recorded with them for 5 years before turning his focus to writing music for film and television.

2. Empty Rooms and Lonely Lives 1:29 
3. Repressed Feelings 2:36
5. The Girl with the Red Rose 2:17 
6. Secret Desires 2:45 
7. Leaving the Office 1:20 
9. Trying to Connect 2:04 
10. A Tender Interlude 1:28 
11. A Walk in the Snow 0:37 
12. Of What Might Have Been 1:53 
13. Waiting at the Restaurant 0:53 
14. Lost Souls 2:17 
15. True Feelings 2:44 
16. Moving Apart 2:33 
17. Things to Do 1:11 
18. Father Passed Away 1:27 
19. More Bad Thoughts 0:47 
20. Three Lonely Women 3:44 
22. Finis 3:15 
23. Coeurs: End Credits 3:08