U571 - Original Soundtrack by Richard Marvin


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Heroes are ordinary men who do extraordinary things in extraordinary times!

The original motion picture soundtrack to U-571, the 2000 action film written and directed by Jonathan Mostow (BREAKDOWN), starring Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Harvey Keitel, Jon Bon Jovi and Jake Weber, featuring exciting music composed and conducted by Richard Marvin (WANTED, EMPIRE, THE O.C., SIX FEET UNDER).
During World War II, the Nazis had the upper hand in the oceans of the world as long as the Allied forces were unable to crack their war codes. When a German U-Boat breaks down after a battle with British forces, U.S. Intelligence sees an opportunity to get its hands on an Enigma machine that will allow them to break the German code. A team of American commandos is dispatched to the damaged U-Boat. Just as the commandos complete the task of taking over the U-Boat, German reinforcements arrive and destroy their ride out, stranding them on board.
The commandos trapped on the U-Boat have to use all of their training and keep their wits about them if they’re going to get the U-Boat running again and complete their mission without being blown out of the water by the Germans or their own Navy.


3. Material Office (1:14)
5. Finale and Dedication (4:41)
6. Picking Up Survivors (2:41)
7. S-33 Leaves Port (1:43)
8. Big Leaks (1:46)
9. Restarting The U-571 (1:07)
10. Going To 200 Meters (1:06)
11. Destroyer Battle (8:36)
12. Enigma Photo/Swastika (2:09)
13. Pier Intro (0:55)
14. Lock and Load (2:17)
15. Taking The U-571 (1:44)
16. Tyler Picks Trigger (1:16)
17. U-571 Rises/Trigger Struggles (2:35)
18. S-33 Sinks (2:23)
19. Searching Below (2:14)
20. Opening/U-571 Attacks (2:30)
21. U-571 Surfaces (1:25)
22. Tyler's Torpedo Plan (5:10)
23. Quiet Theme (End Credits #2) (3:41)