The Bionic Woman #4: Bionic Beauty - Music From The Television Series


Sorry, this item is out of stock presents THE BIONIC WOMAN: ONCE A THIEF / DEADLY RINGER / BIONIC BEAUTY, featuring music composed and conducted by Joe Harnell for the 1970's cult television show, THE BIONIC WOMAN, created and developed by Kenneth Johnson (THE BIONIC MAN, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, V - The Original Mini-Series) and starring Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Ford Rainey, Martha Scott and Jennifer Darling.

Airing on May 5th, 1977, "Once A Thief" was the second season finale, the twenty fourth episode of the season. Veteran character actor Elisha Cook plays Inky, a hapless crook who has the good fortune to film Jaime while she is using her bionic abilities in action. Inky threatens to release the film to the press if Jaime doesn't help him rob a bank. Oscar encourages her to go along with Inky's plan so he can arrest him and use him to uncover a larger criminal organization. The musical demands for this episode allowed Joe to show off his more playful side, including a comical motif for Inky's pet monkey who ultimately helps save the day.

Broadcast on February 2nd, 1977, "Deadly Ringer" was the seventeenth episode in the second season of THE BIONIC WOMAN and the story was told in two parts. Returning from "Mirror Image", a first season episode, is Lisa Galloway, a woman who underwent plastic surgery and special training to become Jaime's double in every way except her bionics. In this episode, Lisa breaks out of prison and with the help of Dr. Courtney and other enemy agents, Jaime is locked up in her place. With Jaime imprisoned, Lisa is able to step back into Jaime's life, which includes access to OSI. Dr. Courtney believes that Jaime's strength is the result of a drug developed by Rudy Wells called Adrenalizine and gives Lisa the task of retrieving it. Hungry for Jaime's power, Lisa instead keeps the drug for herself and starts using it. As Jaime struggles to get out of prison and convince her friends of her real identity, Lisa becomes addicted to the Adrenalizine and begins to lose her grip on reality. After convincing Oscar and getting released from jail, Jaime is able to stop Lisa and get her admitted to a hospital for treatment. For her work in this two part episode, 

Airing on March 3rd, 1976, "Bionic Beauty" was the fourteenth episode in the first season of THE BIONIC WOMAN. Oscar Goldman enters Jaime in the Miss United States pageant in order to uncover an espionage operation that may endanger American security operations around the world. presents the original television soundtrack recording to THE BIONIC WOMAN: ONCE A THIEF / DEADLY RINGER / BIONIC BEAUTY in loving memory of the great Joe Harnell. THE BIONIC WOMAN: ONCE A THIEF / DEADLY RINGER / BIONIC BEAUTY is an Exclusive release, professionally mastered by Digital Outland, factory manufactured and limited to 1000 units.

In addition to Joe's wonderful score for these three episodes of THE BIONIC WOMAN, this release includes a new recording of Jerry Fielding's title music for THE BIONIC WOMAN, produced and arranged by Dominik Hauser, with trumpet by the legendary Roy Wiegand and drums by the great Kurt Walther.

1. THE BIONIC WOMAN Main Title (1:21)
(Jerry Fielding)
Produced and Arranged by Dominik Hauser
Trumpet: Roy Wiegand
Drums: Kurt Walther

2. Break-In At Jaime's Place (1:57)
3. Act-Out (0:20)
4. Bending Montage/Got It On Film (4:21)
5. I Wish Mom Was Here (1:51)
6. Spying On The Cops/Cops and Robbers/The Heist/Escape (7:16)
7. Monkey Saves the Day/Act-Out (2:42)
8. ONCE A THIEF Finale (0:30)

9. Time Changes - Instrumental (1:30)
10. Jaime Gets Switched (1:25)
11. "Jaime" Comes Home/Searching Jaime's Apartment (3:30)
12. Late For School/Hell for the Substitute (2:02)

13. A New Life (5:45)
14. Growing Madness (3:34)
15. Time Changes (Vocal) (1:33)

16. Firewood/Face Down and Dead (1:06)
17. Jaime Arrives/Window Bit (1:17)
18. Jaime Follows The Bad Guy/Bed Check/Bad Guys Plot (3:02)
19. Calling Oscar (0:21)
20. Pageant Opens/Bathing Suits (1:29)
21. Jaime Doped/Breakout (2:34)
22. Saving The Day/Miss United States (2:34)
23. Happy Ending (1:49)
24. Unused Source Music (2:21)
25. Jaime's Place (Unused) (0:51)
26. Source Music Suite (4:40)
27. Miss United States Lady (1:32)
Performed by Bert Parks
28. Feelings (2:42)
Music and Lyrics by Morris Albert
Performed by Lindsay Wagner
29. THE BIONIC WOMAN End Credits (0:28)