THE SECRETARY - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Louis Febre




CD Includes Digital Download / Digital Booklet

Buysoundtrax presents a disc-on-demand release of the original motion picture score to THE SECRETARY, featuring music composed by Louis Febre for the 1995 thriller directed by Andrew Lane (JAKE SPEED, MORTAL PASSIONS, LONELY HEARTS), written by Graham Flashner, starring Mel Harris, Sheila Kelley, Barry Bostwick, James Russo, Ray Baker and Richard Herd. Released in 1995, THE SECRETARY tells the story of Ellen Bradford (Harris), a bright, upwardly mobile career woman who’s got it all: a loving family, a new fast-track job and a corner office with a view. But from the moment Ellen meets office secretary Diedre (Kelley), she senses that this isn’t going to be business as usual. And she’s right. When ambitious, calculating Diedre discovers a dark secret in Ellen’s past, she sees a chance to escape her dead end life - and at last make good in the eyes of her embittered father (Herd). Drawn into Deidre’s twisted web of psychopathic treachery, sexual manipulation and greed, Ellen can only watch in horror as her co-workers fall prey to a series of “suicides” and inexplicable accidents. But when the secretary from hell finally goes too far, Ellen is forced to either show her who’s boss – or risk losing her career, her family and quite possibly her life.

Louis Febre is a composer working in Los Angeles. A trained pianist, his career in composition began in independent films and television commercials. Febre began his career with B-movie company PM Entertainment before meeting his friend and mentor John Debney. The two formed a partnership that would produce successful collaborative efforts such as the movie DOCTOR WHO, and led to Louis' first television series, THE CAPE, which would earn him an Emmy for Best Dramatic Underscore. The two continue to work together to this day. Febre has enjoyed success with the movies SWIMFAN, TOWER OF TERROR (Disney), and a set of SCOOBY-DOO television movies. In 2001, he could be found collaborating with Steve Jablonsky on the first season of the hit television series DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. As an additional orchestrator, he worked again with John Debney on CATS & DOGS, JIMMY NEUTRON, the Disney film CHICKEN LITTLE, DISNEYWORLD TOKYO, and with Mark Snow on THE X-FILES. With the departure of Snow from the television series SMALLVILLE, Febre became the credited composer in 2007. Louis Febre continues to work in television and independent films. Most recently, he composed the score for the award winning Colombian film BASTARDS Y DIABLOS.

01. The Secretary - Main Title 3:12
02. Deidre Pulls Some Strings 2:06
03. Deidre Gets Passed Over 3:40
04. Deidre Researches Ellen 4:07
05. Deidre Kills Richard 4:39
06. Deidre and Ted 2:37
07. Deidre Starts a Fire 2:09
08. Deidre Kills Ted 2:40
09. I Know What Happened 2:33
10. Eddie Chases Jackie 3:53
11. Diedre Attacks Eric 2:08
12. I Lied to the Police 2:28
13. What Do You Want Me To Do? 3:32
14. Deidre Runs Over Marcia 2:29
15. The Truth About Deidre 4:29
16. The Kidnapping 8:04
17. Deidre’s End 5:44
18. The Secretary - End Credits 2:57

Total Time: 64:09

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