FRIENDS AND LOVERS - Original Soundtrack by Emilio Kauderer

Citadel Records

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BSX Records in association with Citadel Records present the original soundtrack to the 1999 motion picture FRIENDS AND LOVERS starring Robert Downey Jr., Claudia Schiffer and Stephen Baldwin. Ian (George Newbern) doesn't have the greatest relationship with his father, Richard (David Rasche). The problem is that Ian resents Richard for being absent during his childhood, and Richard thinks Ian is overreacting. When Ian agrees to visit his father for Christmas in Park City, Utah, he brings a couple of friends: Dave (Danny Nucci), who wants to lose his virginity, and Keaton (Neill Barry), who is dealing with his sister's pregnancy crisis and romantic hints from a longtime friend. Music composed by Emilio Kauderer.

1. Friends And Lovers 3:33
Vocals: Ali Olmo
2. Too Shy 2:22
Vocals: Mike Riojas
3. Can't Keep Still 2:46
Vocals: Mike Riojas
4. Stuck In The Middle 4:06
Performed by Orphan
5. Anything For You 3:24
Vocals: Ali Olmo
6. You Belong To The Moon 3:32
Performed by Orphan
7. Someone Like You 2:56
Vocals: Mike Riojas
8. Father And Son 2:37
9. Jacuzzi 2:22
10. David And Manny 1:22
11. Hallways And Stairs 1:32
12. Meditation 1:12
13. Hans' Theme 0:45
14. Getting Ready 2:31
15. Keaton And Jane 2:18
16. Bedroom Bug 1:11
17. Country Motel 1:18
18. Everything 'Bout Sex 1:17
19. Morning Confessions 4:00
20. Pointed Head 0:58

Total Time: 46:55