LLOYD - Original Soundtrack by Conrad Pope

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack for LLOYD featuring music composed and conducted by Conrad Pope (PAVILION OF WOMEN, MY WEEK WITH MARILYN, TIM’S VERMEER) for the charming 2001 family comedy written and directed by Hector Barron, starring Todd Bosley, Brendon Ryan Barrett, Mary Mara, Sammy Elliot, Kristen Parker, Taylor Negron, Tom Arnold and Tony Longo.

Filmed in 1995 and not released publicly until 2001, LLOYD tells the story of a sweet and funny 11 year old class clown who is always getting himself into trouble with his teachers. After one joke too many, Lloyd finds himself banished to a remedial class. On his way to oblivion, Lloyd meets Tracy, a demure redheaded girl in denim shorts and he is immediately smitten. Fueled by his newly discovered crush, Lloyd becomes determined to climb his way back up the social ladder with the help of his younger brother, his best friend and a struggling local magician (Tom Arnold) who is the only adult to accept Lloyd for what he truly is, a spirited and adventurous young kid who is frequently underestimated. Accompanying Lloyd on his quest is a heartfelt orchestral score exquisitely composed by Conrad Pope. His music for LLOYD is bold, boisterous, acrobatic, sentimental, packed with vibrant orchestral colors, and anchored by memorable themes.

Conrad Pope is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand orchestrators, known for his numerous collaborations with composers John Williams, James Horner, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard, Alan Silvestri, John Powell, Mark Isham, Danny Elfman, and many others. Pope also has a resume of some 18 original film scores to his credit. His talent in many aspects of movie music and his dexterity on scoring paper and concert stage alike has given him a sought-after reputation in Hollywood that has remained durable and dependable for thirty-five years.

Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring LLOYD to compact disc for the first time. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, with liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, including the participation of composer Conrad Pope and writer/director Hector Barron.

LLOYD is a limited edition release of 500 units. Composer Conrad Pope will sign the first 50 copies of LLOYD sold through the website.

01 Lloyd, King of Hearts 3:22
02 Lloyd, The Candyman 1:38
03 Coach 2:55
04 The Bully/Lloyd Gets to Work 2:08
05 The Beautiful Tracy 3:28
06 Lloyd, The Ugly Kid 2:14
07 Mr. Weed’s Class of Misfits 2:19
08 Lloyd, The Optimist 1:39
09 Lloyd the Square, Dances 0:48
10 The Invitation/The Magician and Dreams of Love 3:37
11 Moonlight Serenade/Lloyd, The Fool/Best Friends Part/
The Sight of Heartbreak 2:37
12 Schoolyard Fight and Defeat 2:39
13 The Food Fight 3:52
14 Lloyd, the Conquerer 4:31
Total Time: 38:21