THE AFTERMATH - Original Soundtrack by John Morgan

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Dragon’s Domain Records presents the world premiere soundtrack release of THE AFTERMATH, featuring music composed and conducted by John Morgan for the 1982 science fiction film written, produced and directed by Steve Barkett and also starring Lynne Marguilies, Larry Latham, and Sid Haig.

THE AFTERMATH tells the story of three astronauts returning to Earth from a deep space mission only to find a world demolished by nuclear war.  Crash landing just off Los Angeles, the two surviving astronauts, Newman and Matthews, find that the city is occupied by blood thirsty mutants and, worse, ruled by a gang of mercenaries under the leadership of a violent thug named Cutter, who leads his gang on raids to murder the male survivors and enslave the women and children.  After exploring the wreckage of the city, Newman and Matthews rescue two women and two young children; they struggle to keep their new families alive, despite the ongoing threat of Cutter’s raids. Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to present the world premiere compact disc release of THE AFTERMATH, remastered and reconstructed from the composer’s own elements by James Nelson at Digital Outland with assistance from composer William Stromberg. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author Randall Larson, with the participation of the film’s director and star, Steve Barkett, along with composer John Morgan and a final word from composer William T. Stromberg. THE AFTERMATH is a limited edition release of 1000 units.

01. Main Title / Deep Space 2:20
02. Attack 2:35
03. Caught / Massacre / Rocket 4:31
04. Dangerous Sea / Ascension / Scaling the Walls 3:42
05. Night Stalking / Night Attack 2:16
06. Wandering / Throat Slitting 3:43
07. Montage 1:12
08. Storm 1:33
09. The Museum / Apparition 2:41
10. Child’s Voice / Who’s Chris? 1:22
11. Rape Scene 2:58
12. Forry’s Death 1:48
13. Chris and Newman / The Rifle / The Fight / Mutants After Chris 3:09
14. Mutant Attack 2:23
15. Love Scene / Fireplace 4:27
16. Family Feud / Target Practice 1:20
17. Night Raid / Laser Fight / In Bed 4:19
18. The Bitch / Oh! My God! 1:06
19. Death of Sarah / Death / Burning Bodies 4:59
20. Justice 0:49
21. Day Raid / Transition 8:04
22. Prelude to Skirvin / Skirvin Scene 5:19
23. Mourning 0:41
24. Newman is Hit / Newman Dies / Finale / End Cast 4:56
Total Time: 71:06