THE GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION: VOL. 2- The Lost Missile / War Of The Satellites / The Angry Red Planet

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During the 1950s the Cold War launched the paranoia of nuclear and communist nightmares into full swing. The American teenager frequently sought salvation in the darkness of a movie theater or drive-in where it wasn’t hard to find some sort of a science-fiction film playing on the screen. Hundreds of low-budget films were cranked out for double features, many with plots inspired by real-world events under the guise of science-fiction.

Dragon’s Domain is proud to present the second volume in their Golden Age series with three more classic original scores by musical masters of the genre.

THE LOST MISSILE was an early work by legendary composer Gerald Fried, who went on to score the memorable “Amok Time” episode of STAR TREK. This modest 1958 production hones in on the very real fear of a missile attack from a foreign power, but changes the destructive projectile into an out-of-control alien spacecraft. The genesis of many of Fried’s memorable motifs can be found here.

Also released that same year, WAR OF THE SATELLITES features a rousing, full orchestral score by Walter Greene (THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS). Master low-budget producer Roger Corman, inspired by the recent launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik, quickly created this tale where an unseen alien menace is hellbent on preventing humanity from venturing into space.

THE ANGRY RED PLANET, released in 1959, features a memorable “spacey” score courtesy of Paul Dunlap. This rare color sci-fi film featured a quartet of astronauts menaced by xenophobic Martians who unleash their malevolent giant pets, an amorphous blob with a spinning eye and the memorable Bat-Rat-Spider!

This second volume in this Dragon’s Domain Records series has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland. Exclusive liner notes by author David Hirsch explores these classic films from sci-fi craze of the 1950s. 

This CD set is a limited run of 500 units. 

THE GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION is expected to begin shipping the week of June 5th, 2023.

THE LOST MISSILE (1958 - Gerald Fried)
01. Main Title/Hunter Missile Deflection (2:55)
02. Story Of Jove/UFO Path Of Destruction/
DEW Line Alert (3:13)
03. Broken Engagement (1:47)
04. CONAD Alert/SAC Airborne/Arming For War (2:14)
05. Praying/Ottawa On Alert (1:16)
06. Floozy Alert/Children On Busses/Subway Panic/Slicing Nuclear Sausage (3:46)
07. Basement Shelter (1:49)
08. People In Shelters (0:32)
09. Last Hope/End Credits (0:55)
10. Piano Bar Music (1:54)
11. Lab Bells (0:21)
12. Lost Missile Demo (By Albert Glasser) (1:21)
13. The Lost Missile Trailer (1:31)

WAR OF THE SATELLITES (1958 - Walter Greene)
14. Main Title/The Stars/Viewing Screen (2:36)
15. Critical Area/United Nations/Telepathic/War Of The Satellites (3:00)
16. As Fast As I Can/Desperate Ride/Satellite Base/Radio Message (2:25)
17. The Arm/The Hand/Auto Wrecking (2:30)
18. Hurry (2:41)
19. Two Ponders Again/Minus Blast/Control Room (2:10)
20. One Rocket/Outer Space (1:31)
21. He Stops/He Dies (2:29)
22. Enters Door/Barrier Insert (1:27)
23. Heart Beat/Sybil (1:50)
24. Examination/Van Kills Again/Under Arrest/New Reaction/Jim Fights (2:33)
25. Jim Pursues/Sybil Knows/Jim and Gun (2:48)
26. The Screen/War Of The Satellites/They Made It/End Titles (3:41)
27. War Of The Satellites Trailer (2:04)

THE ANGRY RED PLANET (1959 - Paul Dunlap)
28. Journey To Mars (2:09)
29. The Red Planet (1:04)
30. Martian Landscape (1:43)
31. Return To Earth (2:35)
32. The Angry Red Planet End Credits (2:07)
33. Angry Red Planet Trailer (1:41)
Total Time 70:10