PERKINS' 14 - Original Soundtrack by Kostas Christides



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BUYSOUNDTRAX Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to PERKINS’ 14, featuring music composed by Kostas Christides, for the 2009 horror film directed by Craig Singer, written by Lane Shadgett and Jeremy Donaldson, starring Patrick O’Kane, Richard Brake, Michale Graves, Mihaela Mihut and Shayla Beesley.

PERKINS' 14 takes place in the small town of Stone Cove, Maine and is concerned with the stories of two men who live there. One is Ronald Perkins, a local psychiatrist who has been taken into police custody. Perkins is a suspect in the abduction of fourteen children over the last ten years. The other man is Dwayne Hopper, one of the town's deputy sheriffs. His son is one of the missing children. As Hopper interrogates Perkins, he learns that Perkins' parents were brutally murdered in their home when he was six years old and that he has been living in fear that the killers would some day return for him. Perkins reveals that he's been brainwashing the missing children, using methods of cult indoctrination to turn them into a unified army, to protect him from the men who killed his parents. While Perkins is being questioned, the other deputies accidentally release the missing children on Stone Cove and a night of terror begins as the fourteen children, now super-strong adults, tear the town apart with one thought on their mindsÉ Kill For Mr. Perkins.
To score PERKIN'S 14, director Craig Singer turned to composer Kostas Christides. The two already had a relationship after collaborating on DARK RIDE, SingerÕs previous feature film. Kostas' haunting and terrifying music for PERKINS' 14 includes writing for electric guitar, percussion and prepared piano.
Kostas Christides was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He started his musical studies when he was six years old. Kostas graduated from the London College of Music, where he studied Piano, Composition and Orchestration and also received his Masters degree in Composition. He is also a graduate of the University Of Southern California's Advanced Studies Program in Scoring For Motion Picture And Television. Kostas has numerous credits to his name as a composer of original scores for films such as THE DRONE VIRUS, 29 REASONS TO RUN, EDUART and DARK RIDE. He has also had a successful career as an orchestrator on films such as THE HURRICANE, WONDER BOYS, SWORDFISH, THE SHIPPING NEWS, THE CORE, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, SPIDER-MAN 3, UNTRACEABLE and TRAVELING.
PERKINS' 14 is a limited edition release of 1000 units.
2. Perkins, The Author 6:48
3. Crying Mutant Spirits 2:39
5. From Kyle with Love 4:17
7. Flageolette Breeze 2:43 
8. Captivity in Lento 5:59
10. Dungeon Gardens 4:52
11. Father and Son 4:37
12. Surreal Nightmare 5:11
Total Time: 48:51