STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS - Original Soundtrack by Michael Convertino

Dragon's Domain Records


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Dragon’s Domain Records presents STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS, the expanded edition of the original soundtrack for the 2004 horror drama written and directed by Jeff Burr, starring Ryan Francis, Scott MacDonald, Linda Thorson and David Warner.

The score for STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS is multifaceted and multi-dimensional. At times tranquil, subliminal, tense, featuring patterns of tonality and atonality, moments of frivolity, and elements of percussive gamelan and Gregorian-esque plainchant for both male and female singers. Convertino created the score at his studio in Venice, using his electronic music array as well as bringing in a small group of live players and a pair of singers for his choral material.

Previously released on compact disc by Citadel Records as a limited edition in 2006, Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to bring STRAIGHT INTO DARKNESS back to the marketplace. The music has been mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland, with liner notes written by author Randall Larson, including the participation of writer/director Jeff Burr and composer Michael Convertino.

1. Crucible (6:28)
2. The Solemnity Of The Body (3:30)
3. The Wedding Party /He Reaches Out To Her / And She Reaches Out To Him (7:08)
4. Flare (5:39)
5. The Mystery Sing (5:09)
6. Let The Cry Come / Supplication (6:06)
7. Nazikillers (6:42)
8. The Conqueror Worm (3:38)
9. Sleep And Dream / The Bidding Of Vast Formless Things (7:46)
Bonus Track:
10. Traditional Plainchant (3:40)
arrangement: Michael Convertino

Total Time: 56:12