THE PUPPET MASTERS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Colin Towns

Citadel Records

SKU: STC77104

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BSX Records, in association with Citadel Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to the 1994 Sci-Fi thriller THE PUPPET MASTERS with music by Colin Towns. 
When a flying saucer reportedly lands in rural Iowa, Andrew Nivens (Donald Sutherland), who runs a secret branch of the CIA, decides to investigate. He goes in person, accompanied by agents Sam Nivens (Eric Thal) and Jarvis (Richard Belzer), as well as Dr. Mary Sefton (Julie Warner), a NASA specialist. They find that parasites have indeed landed and are planning to use their mind-control powers to take over the Earth. The parasites are slug-like creatures, and they are attaching themselves to people's backs, taking control of their victims' nervous systems, and manipulating those people as puppets.

1. Arrival 2:56
2. The Visitor Revealed 3:18
3. Check The Ship Dim The Lights 1:54
4. He's On The Car 1:47
5. Jarvis 2:53
6. Motorcade 3:08
7. Why Are You Here? 3:07
8. Quit Smoking 2:52
9. The Shower 1:37
10. Using The Children 3:14
11. Can't Hurt Her Can You? 5:22
12. Danny 2:07
13. The Hive 5:37
14. Here Kitty Kitty 4:14
15. A Million Voices 5:14
TT: 49:16