DEMON IN THE BOTTLE - Original Soundtrack by John Morgan

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Dragon’s Domain Records, to be distributed through, presents DEMON IN A BOTTLE, featuring the world premiere release of music composed by John Morgan for the 1996 children’s adventure film directed and co-written by Randall William Cook, starring Ashley Tesoro, Michael Malota, Rahi Azizi, Michael Dubrow and the director himself in multiple roles.

Produced by Charles Band and Albert Band of Full Moon Features fame, DEMON IN THE BOTTLE tells the story of a group of four teenagers who accidentally find a lost treasure buried by an 18th Century pirate on a desert island in the catacombs beneath their hometown near the coast of Louisiana. The kids pry open the chest revealing a trove of gold coins, jewels, goblets, and an unusually-shaped bottle. Believing the bottle to contain a genie, one of them opens it and releases a hideous demon charged with guarding the treasure.

Three-time Academy Award® winner Randall William Cook is a revered special effects artist known for his stellar work on THE THING (1982), GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), FRIGHT NIGHT (1985), FROM EARTH TO THE MOON (1998), and THE LORD OF THE RINGS (2001-2003). DEMON IN THE BOTTLE was Cook’s directorial debut, a film in which he also served as a special effects artist. The overall design of the film’s demon is a nostalgic blend of Ray Harryhausen’s creature from 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH (1957) and the Kraken from CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981).

Dragon’s Domain Records is excited to present the world premiere compact disc release of DEMON IN A BOTTLE, remastered and reconstructed from the composer’s own elements by James Nelson at Digital Outland with assistance from composer William Stromberg. The booklet includes exclusive liner notes written by author and composer Brian Satterwhite, with the participation of composers John Morgan and William Stromberg.

DEMON IN A BOTTLE is a limited edition release of 500 units. The composer will autograph the booklets for the first 50 copies sold through the website.

1. Demon in the Bottle: Main Title (1:07)
2. Pirates Battle (1:57)
3. Deadly Cave (2:46)
4. Locker Intimidation (1:25)
5. Skeletons / Discovering Treasure (3:47)
6. Murray Talks (1:02)
7. Blue Bottle Monster / Run for Your Life (4:12)
8. Isn’t No Monster (1:54)
9. Marvin Monster Chase / Looking for an Exit (2:43)
10. Frantic Buttons / Freddie Finds Bottle (1:57)
11. Nana’s Efreet Stories / Efreet Jumps (1:29)
12. Hunting Murray / Marvin Escapes (2:25)
13. Murray in the Lunchbox (1:01)
14. Marvin’s Shower (2:12)
15. Finding the Painting and The Body (2:29)
16. Mirror Monster Chase / Scaffolding Climb (3:11)
17. The Kiss (:33)
18. Vice Grip Interrogation (1:27)
19. Murray Plugs In (1:56)
20. Monster Suction (2:28)
21. She’s Dead,You Moron! / Trapped Inside (3:50)
22. Heap of Melted Slang (:57)
23. Freddie Regrets / The Girl Still Liv es (4:31)
24. Words of Reason / Amanda Expelled (5:18)
25. Treasure Rediscovered (1:29)
26. Marvin Leaves (2:04)
27. Russell Learns (1:14)
28. Demon in the Bottle: End Cr edits (2:13)
29. Demon in the Bottle Suite
(Moscow Symphony Orchestra) (3:25)
Total Running Time: 68:12