G-SAVIOUR - Original Soundtrack by John Debney and Louis Febre

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Strap-in Mobile Suit pilots! Dragon’s Domain Records proudly presents the U.S. premiere release of the soundtrack to G-SAVIOUR from superstar composers JOHN DEBNEY and LOUIS FEBRE. This live-action feature film, originally released theatrically in Japan in 1999, was part of the “Gundam Big Bang Project” to mark a 20th anniversary milestone. Bandai Visual released the film on DVD in the U.S. back in 2002, but collectors still had to search out the soundtrack, which was only released in Asia.

G-SAVIOUR filmed in Canada, written by Mark Amato (story editor of EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT) and Stephanie Pena-Sy, and directed by Graeme Campbell. While CGI was utilized to depict the gigantic Mobile Suits, live-action production values, designed by Richard Hudolin (STARGATE SG-1 and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), were enhanced by filming at futuristic landmarks around Vancouver, B.C., as well as the use of props and costumes left over from STARSHIP TROOPERS.

The spectacular score for G-SAVIOUR was created by the team of Debney and Febre, and has the same energy as their prior work on the DOCTOR WHO TV-movie and the TV series THE CAPE. Debney has also amassed a strong resume creating the musical tone for Steven Spielberg’s SEAQUEST DSV, ELF, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, IRON MAN 2, and the HOCUS POCUS films. Louis Febre earned an Emmy for his work on THE CAPE, in addition to working on 67 episodes of SMALLVILLE.

G-SAVIOUR  is a limited edition release of 500 units. 

01. Main Theme (3:48)
(Music by John Debney)
02. Rescue* (5:34)
03. Invader (4:55)
04. Bio-Luminescence (5:21)
05. Flight (3:11)
06. Escape (4:29)
07. Illuminati (3:10)
08. G-Saviour (1:09)
09. Wounded Heart (6:16)
10. Romance* (1:28)
11. Misfire (2:54)
12. Battle (3:42)
13. G-Saviour – Advance* (10:56)
14. Declaration of Independence* (2:35)
15. To Earth* (1:58)
16. New History* (3:05)
Total Time: 68:04
* - Music by Louis Febre

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