MAYA • HORROR RHAPSODY - Original Soundtracks and Scores by Hans J. Salter

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BSX Records in association with Citadel Records presents the original 1967 television soundtrack to MAYA by Hans J. Salter. The series starred teenage Jay North (famous for starring as Dennis the Menace as a child) as Terry Bowen, and Indian actor Sajid Khan (also prominent in his homeland from his child-acting background) as Raji, a native boy who joined up with the lead. Raji's elephant, Maya, gave the series its name. Maya was Terry and Raji's source of transportation, as well as providing help when flight or rescue was needed.

Kurt Graunke conducts the Graunke Symphony Orchestra

Also included are Salter's HORROR RHAPSODY suites comprising music from SON OF FRANKENSTEIN, THE MUMMY'S HAND, BLACK FRIDAY and MAN MADE MONSTER. Orchestra conducted by Hans J. Salter.

1. Maya Theme (From "Maya") 0:54
2. Maya Goes On An Expedition (From "Maya") 2:22
3. Terry In Jeopardy (From "Maya") 2:01
4. Terry's Escape (From "Maya") 1:31
5. Jungle (From "Maya") 1:39
6. Maya To The Rescue (From "Maya") 1:48
7. Crowded City Bazaar (From "Maya") 1:11
8. Tiger Hunt (From "Maya") 1:31
9. Bombay (From "Maya") 1:41
10. Gateway To India (From "Maya") 2:12
11. Tea And Crumpets (From "Maya") 2:07
12. Night In Calcutta (From "Maya") 1:41
13. Ferocious Animals (From "Maya") 1:12
14. Sounds Of Bengal (From "Maya") 1:35
15. Star Of India (From "Maya") 1:09
16. Maya's Mud Bath (From "Maya") 1:53
17. Kashmir Dancers (From "Maya") 1:06
18. Warm Friendship (From "Maya") 2:14
19. Title Music / End Title (From "Maya") 1:38
20. Horror Rhapsody Pt. 1 (Suite from "Son Of Frankenstein" "The Mummy's Hand" "Black Friday" "Man Made Monster") 9:16
21. Horror Rhapsody Pt. 2 (Suite from "Son Of Frankenstein" "The Mummy's Hand" "Black Friday" "Man Made Monster") 8:00
22. Horror Rhapsody Pt. 3 (Suite from "Son Of Frankenstein" "The Mummy's Hand" "Black Friday" "Man Made Monster") 7:16